Need help with search for gluten free carb source (the Netherlands, Europe)



I’m from the Netherlands (Europe) and I’m looking for a good gluten free carbohydrate source. I have my personal Soylent recipe almost ready, but I’m still searching for the right carbohydrate, (multi) vitamin and mineral source.
This was my first pick as carb source:

But after contacting that web shop it has proven to contain gluten. Than I googled for a gluten free carb source and I found that oat flower should be gluten free. Which let me to this product:

I also contacted them to ask if this product is gluten free, but I haven’t received a response yet. I also found a lot of contradictions about whether oats contain gluten or not. Some sources say oats contain gluten and some say oats could contain gluten due to (cross) contamination.

I have a lot of health problems due to chronic illnesses and food intolerance’s/allergies. I don’t have celiac disease so I might be able to endure the slightest of gluten contamination.

As I’m sure there are plenty people with food intolerance’s and allergies on this community, there must be a few people here who can help me out. Any suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance


Oats do not naturally contain gluten. However, they are normally processed in non-GF plants, leading to cross-contamination.
You simply have to find a gluten-free processing source (one that doesn’t also process wheat, barley, rye, etc.)

I’m gluten sensitive, but I haven’t reacted to food that says “processed in a facility that also processes wheat”, so you may be okay regardless.


Thank you for your reaction benkenobiwan

I don’t know if I’m just gluten sensitive, but also not allergic in the way people with celiac disease are. An interesting reaction from though:

“We can confirm that the Maltodextrin does not contain gluten however the Oats do contain gluten. The oats do not contain gluten they contain a protein which contains gluten.”

“The product team have confirmed that Avenin is the protein. The Whey Isolate 97% is gluten free.” responded:

“I can advise that both the Instant Oats and the Maltodextrin are both gluten free. However, due to these being manufactured in a facility that handles items containing gluten, it is not guaranteed there is not a trace.”

So I choose (chose?) for, also because they were slightly cheaper.


Many people are mistakenly diagnosed as “gluten intolerant” when they are actually allergic to grasses, which include oats, corn, sorghum, sugar cane, etc.


Thanks for the reply Isa. I had all an round blood food allergy/intolerance test and one of those intolerance’s was gluten. I also have fructose malabsorption, which already makes me intolerant to corn and sugar. I never heard of a grass (?) intolerance, but since I can’t tolerate the oats you might be right. Until now I haven’t found a carb source which my bowels can handle. So I’m eating solid food for my carbs like rice and noodles. To bad, because I really wanted to make liquid food my whole food source so to speak.


What about rice flour, quinoa flour or amaranth flour? I don’t know whether they would need to be soaked in hot water before use though. I suppose you could always puree cooked brown rice with some of the liquid or oil that you add to the shake, which would give you some fibre too.