Need more now? Really?

Ok… this is just a mild but general gripe…

(Edit 8 days later… Turns out the week long delay was probably due to the roll out of the foil sealed 2.0 bottles)

On Wednesday I clicked on the “Need More Now?” button on one of my 2.0 accounts as I was running low…

As of Saturday afternoon, still no shipment tracking e-mail. Online just says “order processed”.

It’s also been my experience that the shipment tracking e-mail usually precedes the product actually reaching Fedex by a day or two. Once it gets to Fedex it’s overnight as I’m in SoCal.

But let’s suppose I get my tracking e-mail Monday and it finally leaves their facility on Wednesday and reaches me on Thursday. That’s 8 days! Not what I would call “now”…

What’s up with this? They only have two products! With most other online retailers (retailers with thousands of products) if you buy something in the morning it’s usually at the shipper by the end of the day.

I don’t understand why this is so hard… You would think within minutes of clicking OK my credit card would be debited and a notice would go out to the warehouse to box up a few boxes of Soylent and send it on its way.

What’s the deal?


It could be a problem with FedEx somewhere along the lines too.

When my orders come through Canada Post, they arrive at the post office the same day the tracking number is sent out, or the day after if the tracking number comes late in the afternoon. But if it comes through Purolator, sometimes I don’t even get a tracking number and when I do it usually doesn’t show a departure scan for 2 to 3 days. We don’t get any overnight express, though; it’s all regular ground shipments regardless which courier is used.

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My theory is that they get a cheap shipping deal from FedEx, but the price is that FedEx ships at its earliest convenience. So FedEx waits until enough orders pile up to make shipping as economical as possible. This causes medium delays In some cases.

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Now the web site says “preparing for shipment”… I wonder how long that takes.

I’ve seen “preparing for shipment” persist until after my shipment arrived. their process for sending/posting the tracking notice seems less reliable than the actual shipping.


I’m not the biggest fan of FedEx. All my shipments have arrived, but frequently I’ve noted the same thing @persi has with the shipping updates.

Also, FedEx here never rings the doorbell. Not once. And I work from home, I’m almost always here when they deliver. I just open my door and randomly there’s a big box of Soylent there.

I can’t fault Fedex… Best I can tell every Soylent shipment I’ve had from SoCal (to me in SoCal) has been overnight… Usually arriving around 11:00-11:30am, even on Saturdays.

This morning at 7:50AM (almost exactly a week after I hit the “Need More Now” button) I finally got the tracking email.
The number hasn’t yet registered at Fedex (as of 4:18pm).

So now my projection is Friday or Saturday. Some time tonight or tomorrow it will “go live” with verification that Fedex has received the tracking info (if not yet the actual package). Then about 24-48 hours later they will actually get the package and from there it’s overnight.

I find Fedex to be orders of magnitude more consistent than RL.
I still don’t understand why with only 2 products, the shipment can’t be sent out to Fedex on the same day the order is placed. Maybe this is intentional and a way to make money… wasn’t there an RL sponsored article about the benefits of taking peoples money well before delivering product? hmm.

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It’s more likely a mistake, or everyone would have delayed shipments. My last few shipments (all 2.0 from PA):

Ordered Jan 4, shipped Jan 5, arrived Jan 8
Ordered Jan 15, shipped Jan 19, arrived Jan 22
Ordered Jan 24, shipped Jan 25, arrived Jan 28
Ordered Feb 2, anticipated ship date Feb 3, scheduled delivery Feb 6

It pretty consistently takes four days from order to arrival (Jan 15 to Jan 22 was 7 days, but I ordered on a friday night over MLK weekend), and I live about 1100 miles from Lancaster, PA.

Yeah this might be an anomaly… if I recall, it’s usually 2-3 days to get to Fedex and sometimes 1… (but never the same day)
I can think of several occasions when the tracking went live and Fedex just said basically “we have the tracking info but haven’t received the package yet”

edit: I should note here that I’m completely happy with the product and when customer service is involved, things get resolved quickly. In this case I’m just watching to see how long it takes. I’ll need to get more 1.5 soon as well, we’ll see how that goes.

FedEx has an option for you to be sent a text message after they deliver. I find it very handy.


I’d be happy if they’d just ring the doorbell. Not even wait around for me to answer, just hit the doorbell on their way.

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Some carriers ring the doorbell… But yeah our fedex gal usually does not (the text msg is handy though)

It seems Fedex got the tracking info Tuesday night!
Then I got the email from RL Wednesday morning but the tracking number didn’t go live until late Wednesday night… ??? If Fedex has the tracking info Tuesday night why not go live Tuesday night even if just to say ‘yeah we got the tracking info’. This is all electronic right? Strange.

Anyway, as soon as Fedex went live it was already saying ‘in transit’ which is a good sign… It says the package arrived at Fedex Bloomington 7:06pm last night (Wednesday) which means I should have it this morning… 8 days after hitting the ‘Need More Now’ button.

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I wonder if the orders were backed up at all because of the new inventory of foil-sealed bottles?

I guess I’ll find out in the next few hours…
Just hit the ‘Now’ button on my next 1.5 shipment… We’ll see how that goes. I would hope they can get it out the door by tomorrow night.

I’m usually in a part of the house where you don’t hear the doorbell, so it wouldn’t do anything for me. But getting a text message is very cool. If I had one of those watches I could get the message on my wrist!

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Update: YES! Foiled! (So to speak). That probably explains the delay… Was going to post a photo but was beaten to the punch…

I’d like to see a photo of the underside of the foil wrapper (after peeled up) and your opinion if there is any glue and if it seems like an issue. (as mentioned in the foil-sealed thread)

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I’m not detecting any glue or residue…


Not to beat a dead horse…
Hit ‘Need more now’ on my 1.5 sub Thursday am… interestingly the packing info was sent to Fedex within a few hours and the e-mail notice from RL came Friday morning. Alas it doesn’t appear the actual package made it out the door by end of business Friday. Unless it was delivered to Fedex and they’ve chosen to sit on it for a few days (somehow I doubt that).

Edit: Ok, looks like I might have to eat my own words here… FedEx now shows it was picked up at midnight this morning… Which probably means it was dropped off after hours Friday and did indeed sit at FedEx over the weekend, not being officially checked in until this afternoon. I see this 12am thing on the FedEx records a lot. So I guess I should also revise my statement that FedEx only takes one day…

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I placed a reorder three weeks ago on Tuesday Jan 19th. It was for two cases of 1.5. It was shipped on Wednesday the 20th and was on my doorstep on Friday Jan 22. From CA to AZ

I hope I’m not going be spoiled going forward.

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