Need more now? Really?


Hmm all my 2.0 shipments have been very fast except for the last one.

I ordered a months worth of 2.0 and got the tracking into and everything was going great. FedEx even showed a delivery date of last Saturday.

Well Saturday came and went, and I had no Soylent.
So, I checked the tracking info again, and apparently Soylent sent the shipment information to FedEx, but FedEx never picked up the boxes.


I emailed customer service at Soylent, and a woman wrote back saying to give them 48 hours after I ordered and then an additional 5 to 7 business days. She said if I haven’t received it by then, to message back.

Idk what’s going on


Yeah the initial “delivery date” from Fedex doesn’t mean much if they don’t yet have the package… Similarly neither the tracking email from Soylent nor the “shipment information sent to Fedex” timestamp mean much. Until the package physically gets checked in at Fedex it’s hard to tell when it will arrive.

This is the timeline for my last shipment:

Monday Feb 8th credit card debited
Monday Feb 8th 6:44am shipment information sent to Fedex
Monday Feb 8th 1:46pm tracking e-mail from Soylent
Tuesday Feb 9th 12:00am “picked up” (not sure what this means… picked up sometime Tuesday I guess? or Monday night?)
Tuesday Feb 9th 8:56pm arrived at Fedex Bloomington (i.e. checked in)
Wednesday Feb 10th 10:25am delivered.

Not really sure when between 6:44am Monday and 8:56pm Tuesday the product was actually boxed up and when it actually left RL’s hands… but not bad I suppose… Other online retailers (Amazon, Digikey) can ship from a catalog of millions of products within a few hours so there’s still room for improvement. Part of this is Fedex’ fault as well… Not sure why the tracking number doesn’t go live within seconds of RL sending the shipment info to Fedex… and certainly by the time the RL tracking email went out 7 hours later.