Need new home for my 1.0 in NYC

If anyone’s willing to try out soylent 1.0 for $10, here’s my craigslist listing:

It’s 10 days worth of 1.0, with the original scoop & pitcher. I had bought 14 days worth of it before, but found that my body didn’t receive it well. They’ve been sitting at my office… I’m hoping that someone else can enjoy & benefit from them.

Really 1.0? You might check the version number again.

1.0 is quite old and would only be appealing to collectors, and I think it would be beyond its expiration date by now.

I didn’t realize they were sitting at my office for over a year… Plus I thought their shelf life was well over a year. In fact I thought they were several years! I remember people talking about potentially stocking up on soylent for emergency situations. I’m sorry for not checking up on this. I’m going to take down the listing. Thank you for the reply.

1.0 didnt agree with alot of people, i remember the death farts

Man, I remember how much I was paying for scalped 1.0 back in the day…

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