Need reviews please - recipe targeting the v0.8 "official" recipe


I’m looking to make a recipe based on the latest changes to the “official” soylent recipe. I haven’t made it before, but I’m going to try it as soon as I can get everything sourced as cheap/well as I can.

Does anyone have feedback on this recipe or suggestions/alterations/sources?

I’ve incorporated some medium chain triglycerides as mentioned on one of the recent soylent blog posts. Not sure what proportion to make it, but this seems pretty reasonable given the studies I’ve read on it.


might be a bit much on the b6 but all the negative info on overdoing it with that vitamin is kind of wishy washy, also whats the source for your Phosphorus ?

Also whats the BCAA profile on your protein?

cystiene is 29% sulfur and methionine is 21% if that helps


I see that the potassium gluconate amount is only 10 grams / day, I believe this should be 20 grams a day to hit the target of 3,5 grams of potassium. Gluconate’s active potassium level is only 16,69%. source:


On this it might be easier to use potassium chloride; cheaper with a higher level of K. Just have to watch your chloride levels.