Need some feedback on my Keto Recipe


So I went ahead and calculated my micro nutrients through the keto calculator site and I was hoping people could evaluate my recipe to see if anything will stand out as a bad idea.

So I plan on going from a shitty diet straight to a ketogenic soylent diet (probably not a great idea on its own but egh). I would like some feed back on this Recipe here to make sure im not doing something really stupid. Any feed back would be great.


I would recommend you skip the coconut oil and go with MCT oil instead, the coconut oil will be solid at room temp, even worse if chilled.

Did you enter your ingredients with total or net carbs? If total then your numbers are off, I haven’t checked the net values.

Lastly, just a friendly warning that this won’t taste good. Keto recipes are hard to get flavored well, and the high fat may upset your stomach to start. That much flax may be difficult here as well, not sure though. Let us know how you like it.

I wrote a Keto recipe that I used for a few weeks, just never got used to the taste, but do want to work on it so I have a recipe I will enjoy. I think it would be good for me to go back to it, but I have been trying out the factory brew for a few weeks, and just wrote a recipe to adjust the macros in it to 40/25/35, so I’ll be trying that out this week.


Hmm i didnt think of that regarding the coconut oil. I dont believe MTC oil is something that can be purchased locally. Maybe i should try to induce ketosis with food / soylent.
By any chance do you have a link to that keto recipe you use?


Sure, here it is, the notes section has a little info too. Getting into keto with it was quick and easy for me, I guess I’m one of the fortunate folks that doesn’t have to deal with the keto flu. I’m not in keto at the moment, but liked when I was, and won’t be surprised if I go back to it, just experimenting with factory Soylent at the moment.

I have been buying my MCT oil from Amazon, the 4 pack is the best deal at the moment at $18.25/qt. You may also be able to find it locally, but it may cost a bit more.

Currently I’m trying out a new non-keto recipe that uses Soylent as the main ingredient. Actually I’m still waiting on a couple of ingredients from Amazon, but am using an earlier variant of the recipe. It’s the priciest DIY I have made at $8/day, but still cheaper than straight Soylent, and I only use 3 bags/bottles of Soylent every 5 days. It gets me lower carbs and higher fat, as well as fewer calories, I am using it for weight loss.