Need some Keto Help!


Does anyone here make their own tasty protien shakes using soy protien isolate?

So I tried a small portion of a keto soylent i was planning on replacing my daily meals with and boy was that TERRIBLE. So I found out about keto diet the same time I found out about soylent and kinda tried to jump the gun on both of them (I now have some extra ingredients I probably don’t need) . One thing I love about this website is being able to add the ingredient and calculating all my daily macro and vitamins and minerals.

So I am looking to come up with more of a protien/fiber shake that will help me with meeting my additional protien and fiber which i might be missing In my diet. On a side note i plan on using this sites recipe maker to calculate my daily meal plans since this sites seems awesome for managing that info.

-I primarly plan on using Soy Protien Isolate for my protien source (bought 8 pounds of it for like 40$ so why not)