Need some suggestions!


I have been waiting for Soylent to come out for months. Unfortunately, I have a bit longer to wait seeing as I am Canadian. It would be the perfect thing for me, due to my heavily lacking diet. I am a 22 year old; 140 pound male. At the age of 2 I stopped eating meat entirely and have been living literally off a 90% carb diet. My main daily meals were either pasta or pizza. I have only started eating some vegetables in the last year, and eggs fairly recently. So clearly, I lack quite a bit of the nutrients I should have.

Since Soylent for me in Canada is a bit far off, what recipe would be suggested? Some of them I have seen have over 2000% the daily suggested amounts for some parts, isn’t that a bit too much? Can somebody point me to the best, fairly cheap version I can make (or even buy?) that would suit my needs and not be overly excessive with some ingredients?



Slightly higher amounts of B12 than necessary, but nothing to worry about. Everything else is in line, and it’s incredibly cheap. That being said, it’s like making a shake from bread mix. The taste is neutral, so flavor as needed. The texture is not great. I’m trying baking some tomorrow.


I tried basing my recipe on corn starch as a carbohydrate source but the taste to me was absolutely horrifyingly terrible. I have to have quite a bit more cornstarch than you because of my caloric requirements but man it was really chemical-y and horrible flavor/texture (in my opinion). Maltodextrin is an acceptable alternative in my opinion however the glycemic load of both of these carbohydrates is quite extreme and will leave the consumer feeling like they got punched in the face with insulin. A possible head rush followed by a tired crash. I have been experimenting with cooking yams and blending them into my shakes as a primary source of inexpensive carbohydrates. They are mostly carbs and cost 1.69 per lb at my local grocery store.