Need to soak oat powder?


A quick google search suggests I cook or soak my oat powder prior to ingesting. This is a drag because it takes longer to prepare my soylent.

So what do you guys do? Soak or no-soak?


I boil some water and stir the oat powder into it so it makes sort of an oatmeal, then put it in the blender and add some water and blend it up. Takes 5 minutes, and makes the texture and taste of the drink much better, as well as helping the oats be more digestible.


Indeed, I also use this method… I have tried to ingest the oat powder relatively raw as in dry powder+liquid with a quick blend and the consistency is fair, but I’m worried about the absorption (or lack thereof). Any other experienced soylent makers out there?


I use quick or instant oats (which are pre-cooked) and grind them to powder


@Sofor9, @rhettwhitehill, what is the source of your oat powder? Is it an athletic product like complete oats, or something from the produce section like whole oat flour? The former as I know is heat treated during production, but the latter isn’t except by friction heat.