Need to verify my order


I placed an order for a one-week supply on June 12. I never received any sort of confirmation email from soylent, so I have no order #. However, the paypal transaction went through. After a brief exchange with Mugeni via, they were unable to give me an order confirmation and they said they’d have to have someone else help me. The last correspondence was July 1. I also have been unable to sign up for the account under the “manage” link. When I click signup link and enter my email address, it mentions that it has no record of me in the system. I’m worried that I have slipped through the cracks. I’m trying here as a last resort. From another thread, it seems that tagging @juliomiles might be something I can try?


Just sent you an email! I found your order so we’ve got you despite the fact that you somehow did not receive an order confirmation email - I’m sorry about that!