Never received the extended delay email


So I’ve been reading around and people keep referencing some extended delay email that was recently sent out stating that shipments have been delayed another 8-10 weeks.

  1. Is this a legitimate delay?
  2. Is my order somehow immune to this as I was not notified?
  3. if I ordered 1 week on 6-12-14, when am I realistically looking at receiving it?


I’ll tag @ana, @JulioMiles, and @MattCauble so they see this.


I had to complain on the forums for them to send me a notification about this. Which seems to be standard operating procedure for them, since none of their automated processes seem to be efficient whatsoever.


Right now we have not identified your order as one affected by a delay. If that changes, we will send you an email directly. I am sorry for the lack of clarity regarding the delays and confusion on the forums, but any delays will be communicated directly to anyone that is affected.


@ana I think there needs to be some clarification on this issue. Because I initially had the same impression that I should have received this email as well, and I sort of went off on a serious tangent when I found out about this and was not informed. I’m sure many people have felt the same way. This information needs to be posted to the blog and other highly visible places.

Here is what @Ana had sent to me via email after I had contacted them via email/forums.

  • You ordered a week of Soylent before 05/06/14 - this means that you are what we consider to be a "backer", not a "new customer". Therefore any timelines expressed to "new customers" via email last week are not related to your order. This is why you did not receive an email last week. I am sorry for misidentifying you as a "new customer" on the forum - I should have looked you up in our systems before replying.
  • Per what we have already said via email to all backers - we are currently shipping orders of 4 weeks or more and will be moving to smaller orders after that. You can expect your Soylent to arrive within the next 8-10 weeks (likely sooner).
  • As one of the first customers for our product, we appreciate your flexibility as we move through orders in this fashion and continue to scale up our operations.

So, it seems that only ‘customers’ received this email regarding the delay, and Rosa Labs is telling people that 'everything for the ‘backers’ is ‘not being delayed’. This is completely false, because the initial time frame we were given for all orders before 5/6 was to be shipped by 7/29 at the latest (12 weeks from 5/6.) This is where people are getting hung up and confused. Regardless of when we ordered our product, we deserve to be treated like people. I understand, that the emails that went out to the ‘customers’ and not the ‘backers’ were probably due to some laws or what have you, but it would have still been nice for you guys to have been honest about it and say “hey, we’re delaying you another 2.5 months” instead of nothing at all. THEN, saying things are still right on track (when they’re really not) when we come asking about it.

Saying “Right now we have not identified your oder as one affected by a delay” is complete nonsense. It should have been shipped by 7/29. We’re a week away from that now.

EDIT: I’d also like to say, I ordered back in January. I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘backer.’ I followed Soylent for a while before purchasing. I don’t like giving money to Kickstarters, for the very same reason I’m upset with Rosa Labs right now. At the time, they promised by the end of Feb, then March, then… you get the point, you all were there. I made a purchase, once I thought production was in place and saw that they were to start fulfilling orders soon. Like I stated previously, regardless of what you call these people who gave you money, we’re people - treat us as such.


@grumm I believe she may have been talking to me, as this was originally a thread regarding my order. @ana If I am correct in assuming this, I appreciate the information and still eagerly await your product.


@ana Confused. I placed a 1 week order 6/10/14 but received an email saying my order would be delayed.


That’s right. Anyone who ordered recently is not going to be getting it in the 10-12 week time frame originally mooted.


I’m a customer by 2 days. Lol!


Is there a source for Rosa Labs labs giving this time frame or did people just assume this was the time frame based on the shipping time of new orders?

I’m not sure, but I think Rosa Labs stopped giving time estimates for backers, and didn’t explicitly state they weren’t going to ship merchant orders before backer orders until recently. So, with hindsight, you can now say that all backer orders should have been done by 7/29 in order to keep the promise they have now made, and their original merchant order timeline. But, technically, they have not delayed backer orders because there was no “backer order” deadline explicitly given by Rosa Labs.

They never told you your order would be delivered by 7/29, you just figured out that it would have to be in order for them to keep both their promise to merchant orderers and the implicit (now explicit) promise that backers would get their orders first. So, when they failed to deliver to their merchant order customers they contacted them directly. They may just expect that if you were clever enough to figure out the original timeline by yourself you are clever enough to figure out the new timeline.


They said pre-orders would be delivered before new orders. This would mean that a pre-order should be delivered prior to new orders receiving theirs, which should have been before the 10-12 week timeline. The fact that we have people trying to explain this means that they have failed in communicating what is really going on.

Now it does say in the blog from 5/5 :

orders placed by new customers on the site will ship in 10-12 weeks.
Notice where it says 'will ship' and not 'it might possibly ship' And it also says :
Customers who have already received their first Soylent order will receive any reorders in 1-2 weeks.

So, if we discern between ‘customers’ and ‘backers’, ‘backers’ that received their ‘pre-order’ soylent shouldn’t be given the re-order 1-2 week time frame because they’re not considered ‘customers’ they are considered ‘backers’.

This is all silly semantics and skewed logic. But the fact is, the whole message is completely convoluted.

  • People pre-ordered prior to 5/6 were guaranteed delivery before 'new customers'
  • 'New customers' were guaranteed delivery within 10-12 weeks from time of order
  • The end of that 10-12 weeks for the earliest possible 'new customer' was 7/29.
  • All pre-orders and 'new customers' that ordered on 5/6 should have received shipping notifications by 7/29
I personally just wanted to receive the same courtesy as 'new customers' and wanted to be notified that my order was once again delayed. They gave me no such courtesy, I had to hunt that information down - which is unacceptable and pisses me off.


Yeah Rosa has shit the bed again. I think its safe to say software engineers that spent a bunch of time on nutrition don’t have a clue about logistics or customer/backer service. They should of hired someone in a position that would be able to make the correct moves in regards to communications. I think they have hired a couple people to say what they tell them to say and you will see a single remark and then nothing because they are afraid to say the wrong thing. They should hire a politician, at least then we would be told lies with a smile.


I’m going to agree with everything you said minus the first and last statements. I think @ana is supposed to be the “hired someone in a position that would be able to make the correct moves in regards to communications”, as things seem to be improving drastically in that regard since her arrival on the scene.


you certainly are a living paradox :wink:


I double checked and we sent the email to the address you have associated with your discourse account. It could have gotten stuck in a filter or spam folder based on your settings. I am sorry for this, but yes, your order was affected.


You have my personal apology for the confusion regarding all of our communications. You make some good points, however I am not going to go through them line by line. We are extending every resource to send backer orders as fast as possible and then send new customer orders so that we can reach realtime fulfillment.

Unfortunately I can’t go back in time and redo all of the communications that have or have not been sent by RL - we are doing our best to learn from our mistakes and as of late I feel that we have been showing some demonstrated improvement in this area. We hope to continue our improvement and reach an unimpeachable level of communication. I hope you can forgive us for the past and move on with us to the future. If not, I can certainly issue you a full refund for your order.


I ordered August '13, one year and still waiting.


How much did you order? If it’s a month or more you should have shipped by now, if it’s less than a month you should be coming up soon.


Communication from this company is horrible. Why can’t they email customers about their order status instead of putting us into this stupid blog. I really only care about my order. The product better be pretty amazing or there will not be a refill order. Obamacare’s rollout has been masterful compared to Soylent.


Its definitely amazing. How amazing? I refuse to remove it from my diet at this point.

So while execution may not be the best right now, the product is worth waiting for, and I recommend remaining patient until your order comes in. You’ll most likely be glad you did.