New 1.5 customer - dislike flavor/feel

I’m a new customer, just got my order in today.
Mixed up a batch, chilled it for 2 hours, then poured a glass and tried it out.

I’m really disliking the “mouth feel”, as well as the taste. The taste itself seems quite powerful (which surprised me, as I’d read elsewhere that there were attempts to keep the taste mild). It seems kinda “oaty”, at least that’s the association I have for it, unsure if “oaty” is the correct term.

I’ve tried adding some Hershey’s Syrup to help me get through this first helping, but it doesn’t seem to be making a dent.

I’ve read that others have used fruit, which I may have to run out to purchase and blend quickly before helping #2 today.

I’m really disappointed though. Granted, it’s only my specific experience/preference at issue here, but considering how some people claim to love the taste, I figured it wouldn’t be like this… lol

Any suggestions for a quick fix, using ingredients that tend to lay around a person’s house?


Cinnamon could be a quick fix.


Ah that’s right, I remember reading that elsewhere. Thanks @Conor

Short of flavoring it, which I highly recommend, I would suggest just sticking with it. You may be surprised at how quickly you can get used to it and possibly end up liking it.


FYI, I’ve found that it’s best to mix the cinnamon into the dry Soylent before adding water. If you add cinnamon after water, you may end up with little balls of dry cinnamon that are hard to mix in.


@horsfield, any flavoring you’ve found works well?

Cinnamon is helping, but only slightly. I’m really surprised how strong Soylent tastes though, it’s fairly well fending off choc syrup and cinnamon, lol…
Perhaps I need to just dump a bunch of cinnamon in, but I’m trying to avoid overkill

I would visit the various threads on flavoring Soylent. They are full of suggestions. Also, as @horsfield recommended, give yourself time to acclimate. Soylent is not an ordinary food product, but, especially after you start feeling the health benefits, you can easily come to depend on its extraordinary convenience and come to crave it.

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@thorium, yep, that’s what I’m seeing. Thanks for the tip

I use 1/4 tsp each of cinnamon and stevia.

It is rather surprising how much flavor Soylent can “hide”. As others have suggested there are multiple threads on how to “flavor Soylent”.

Glad it’s not just me that’s noticed that :slight_smile: I know I’m a bit of a “picky eater”, so often my experience isn’t that of the masses.

Good to know re: cinnamon+stevia

I’m reading up on several flavoring threads now, trying to keep to the more recent threads, since many are for flavoring versions <=1.4

A tablespoon peanut butter per serving makes it delicious for me. 3+ for the entire bag. You can use the powdered kind too if you want.

I really hope the fruit helps improve your Soylent experience. We aim for a neutral’ish taste to appeal to as many people as possible. But as you can see from the discussion boards that taste can vary person to person.


@Conor, yeah, my wife doesn’t mind the flavor as much (although she’s accustomed to protein shakes already, which I’m not a fan of either). Definitely a picky-palate issue :slight_smile:

@Tordenskjold, I’ll try that, I know we have some PB2 in the cupboard

Try adding some to a single glass :wink: and then taste it while adding more… Keep adding pb2 until it tastes good to you or until it only tastes like pure pb2 (assuming you like that flavor :sweat_smile:)


You can also try adding more water to thin out the flavor

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Hershey’s Special Dark Cocoa Powder.

I add two tbsp to a pitcher.

When I first received 1.4 I really didn’t like the after taste. I found adding the cocoa made a huge difference.
The funny thing is, I’ve had a couple of times where I ran out of cocoa powder. I drank it plain and didn’t have a problem with the flavor at all.

I think to some extent it could be an acquired taste.

I’ve found that adding a packet of Splenda to a meal makes it taste more like 1.0, but still doesn’t fully mask the strange flavor. A cap full of vanilla extract helps too, but using it with the Splenda was slightly too sweet for me.

I never had any problems with 1.0 other than convenience, so I’ve ordered some 99.5% vanillin crystals to try and take Rob’s original approach to masking.

Why was that approach dropped?

I couldn’t say exactly why, but I’m sure an explanation can be found in the changelogs. A lot of people complained about the vanilla taste and insisted that the flavor should be more neutral, despite Rob’s assurances that removing it would make the product unpalatable.

Soylent 1.0 contained 60 mg sucralose and 1.8 g vanillin per bag. Soylent 1.5 contains 15 mg sucralose and zero vanillin, so with vanillin and splenda (which is made with sucralose) I can attempt to get some of that original flavor back.

If you use cinnamon regularly, make sure to get Ceylon cinnamon rather than the more common Cassia, in order to reduce your intake of coumarin.