New 1.5 customer - dislike flavor/feel


So, I’ve used an immersion blender to add some ingredients to the remainder of today’s Soylent batch.
Added 1 pack splenda, dumped in 2 packs of “hot cocoa” powder, added a couple tea spoons of Hershey’s Cocoa powder, added a decent helping of PB2, decent helping of Cinnamon.

The result? slightly flavored Soylent :sob:

I think the aroma, if that’s what you’d call it, is a large part of why the flavor remains so potent.
And go figure that today has been an extremely busy day with work, so I haven’t been able to break away yet to run to the store.

I may start trying some juices with it, OJ or Pineapple, perhaps they’ll be tart enough to override it. (Though that’ll probably have to wait until tomorrow, not sure I’d appreciate splenda/cocoa/pb/cinnamon-flavored juicelent)


:smiley: I don’t hope you are mixing all those things into a single batch heh


As I’ve remarked a couple hundred times, I use orange oil (pure orange oil, available from LorAnn Oils or other places) and vanilla to overcome whatever’s off (Rob thinks it’s the sunflower) about 1.4. Should work with 1.5. If you’re using pure (food grade!) orange oil, you don’t need much at all. I’ve been using the same two-ounce bottle for months, drops at a time.


Odor is an important part of taste. That is why I put a few drops of butterscotch syrup (it’s EXTREMELY concentrated) into each pitcher, at least when using vanilla, which is the majority of the time. It gives a little butterscotch overtone which isn’t enough to completely mask that unpleasant scent (which really came on strong starting with v1.4), but it does help.


Only in the attempt to find any ingredient that would make that batch more palatable, definitely wouldn’t have been the long-term solution tho. I’m going to grocery store today, so I’ll be able to get some supplies so I can approach this correctly.


I don’t really know what to say to help, since I love how Soylent tastes and feels. I would recommend plowing through it for a couple of days though. I liked it at first anyway, but after about a week, I started craving it. Perhaps it will grow on you.

I haven’t ever tried adding anything to Soylent. I don’t like chocolate flavored things at all, but cinnamon sounds nice.


I had a bad initial reaction and then grew to like it. In fact, I found a bag of 1.4 and felt compelled to drink it. I could not believe how thick it felt compared to 1.5. This was odd, as I had really grown to like 1.4 too. Just goes to show the team at Soylent is doing a good job (or my tastebuds have Stockholm Syndrome).


Still a fan of the Milksplash. I tend to drink Soylent freshly made at the temp of cool tap water. A squirt of Milksplash cookies & cream or orange or cocoa or banana gives me a nice variety of flavors.


I just tried my first batch a few days ago and I completely agree with you. What I tried was blending in some Nutella and that actually helped a lot. When I make some more I’ll try to add even more though and see how that goes.


Vanilla extract and splenda works like a charm for me. If you like it and want a powdered solution, you can buy vanillin crystal on ebay. I got mine from Chemessence Chimique.


I too am a new Soylent user starting with 1.5. While my reaction to the taste wasn’t as strong as yours, it was still something I had to make myself drink. What made a big difference for me was when I made a fresh batch adding one scoop of chocolate powder and one scoop of normal sugar. With that mix it’s tasty, and it’s a simple/easy thing to do each time.


What the? I don’t even…


That’s indeed how bad Soylent 1.5 tastes :wink:


Have you tried consuming it while plugging your nose to see if the negative taste is coming from the smell vs actually coming from the stuff that touches your tongue? That might help you figure out what kind of additions will help.


@Dreamwriter’s version of soylent: