New 2.0 Drinker (Diarrhea?)

So I just bought a pack of 2.0 original flavor, and was pretty excited to start. I was planning on replacing 1 meal a day with it, since I had been dieting for a while, and figured it would be easier to drink a bottle when I was short on time since I don’t like the food in my diet that much anyways.

Yesterday I drank a bottle for dinner, but ate normally the rest of the day. Sipped it over the course of about an hour, cold. My stomach got a little upset after but it wasnt much. This morning though I got a mad stomach ache and had a bit of diarrhea afterwards.

I had another one for breakfast today, and then ate lunch and dinner as I normally would. I downed it pretty fast, in like 2 min as I would a morning smoothie. By night time I had the worst stomach aches, incessant grumbling in my stomach, and my stomach got super bloated with gas and liquid. I can literally hear the liquid in my intestines if I tap or poke my stomach, and I am having mad liquid diarrhea every 10 min and I feel a tiny bit nauseous.

Did I do something wrong, or is anyone else having this issue? I feel like I was easing into it with only a meal a day being replaced but my body is reacting pretty drastically. I’m not allergic to soy or anything else in the formula.

I switched from my regular diet to Soylent 2.0 two months ago. I tried one bottle about a week before the changeover just to see if I liked it, and then when the day came I just went straight to 2.0, four bottles per day and nothing else. After one month I dropped down to three bottles per day which is where I still am.

I didn’t have any adverse reaction to the first bottle or to any since. With as many people consuming Soylent and writing about it online (here, Reddit, and elsewhere) I have read the occasional situations where individuals have had unfortunate digestive reactions, but those seem to be very rare overall.

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It might be rare, but that doesn’t help him much.

I don’t know much about such issues, but it may be that you need to give the ecosystem in your digestive tract time to adjust. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but there are knowledgeable people on here, like @MentalNomad, who might be able to give some insight.

Sorry, I don’t have much to offer.

Could be crazy bad timing (other things got you sick, and it happened to be Soylent days.) Could be you’re actually sensitive to something in the formula and just didn’t realize. Might even be a new sensitivity that just recently developed.

I’d hope for crazy bad timing, but I don’t think there’s any way to tell from just a few events.

Annoyingly, eating a food and then getting sick can lead to a strong psychological reaction to that food which leads that food to make you feel sick for no physical reason. (I’ve personally experienced this, but not with soylent. It was a kind of bread, and I caught the flu that was going around. Got violently ill after eating the bread, which had nothing to do with the bread… But afterwards, I couldn’t eat that kind of bread for a few years.)


His question was “Did I do something wrong, or is anyone else having this issue?” The answer is as I said, that of the huge number of people who are using this product, there are rare individuals who say that they have adverse reactions of the type that he described. I assume that the answer is helpful because that’s the question he asked.

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Hi Jku,
I recently switched from bottle to powder also. I have only had a few times and it has definitely given me tummy troubles and diarrhea. Also, terrible reflux. I will give it a few more times to see if my body adjusts but I know its the powder and not anything else in my diet. The liquid bottles are perfect, no troubles there.

That is such a bummer. I hate hearing that someone has trouble because of one of the products. At least you know that 2.0 works for you. Maybe you’ll also like whatever the new flavor is that’s replacing Nectar.