New 2.0 tastes like Graham Crackers

Hi! I’m a first time poster here. I’ve been drinking Soylent 2.0 since Sept '15 to help improve my nutrition due to food intolerances and health issues. I had been enjoying the taste of the previous batch of 2.0. To me, it was a very nice Vanilla flavor and I used it as my only sweet/dessert option (in addition to breakfast + lunch). Well, today I started the brand new Batch of 2.0 with the sealed caps and thought they’d taste the same. Nope, I’m tasting a very strong liquified Graham Cracker. =(

Does anyone know what they changed in this formula to make it so graham/wheaty? I love drinking the Vanilla flavored Soylent but drinking Graham Crackers is gross.

I’m so grateful to Soylent to have a nutritional alternative when my choices are so limited. Please Soylent, Please Please Please bring back the Vanilla flavor.

Update: 2/29 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
After experimenting, I found a way to keep drinking the new 2.0 and not get Nauseous. I’m mixing 50mL of water with 1 bottle of Soylent. I find this cuts the viscocity enough to drink it and also cut down the “Graham-y” flavor. I can’t drink more than half of the mix at a time. But it’s doable. Still hope they’ll adjust the viscocity in the future. :slightly_smiling:

AFAIK 2.0 has never had a vanilla flavor? The last version with a vanilla flavor was like 1.3 (powder). The taste of 2.0 has changed, but it’s apparently due to variability in the viscosity or amount of stabilizers or something, not a formula change. I’d dig up the link but you can easily find it by searching @Conor’s posts.

I agree the original batch of 2.0 tasted the best, but there’s not much we can do besides wait until they sort out the production issues.


I received one of the first boxes of 2.0 sent out and I said at the time it tasted like graham crackers in milk.


Ah, ok. Thanks Wezaleff for clarifying that for me. I’ll go check @Conor’s posts for that info. I guess Soylent tastes differently to different people. Crossing my fingers that a Soylent rep reads this and hears our votes to bring back the first 2.0 taste :wink:

Have a good day!

haha Zenman! :slightly_smiling: It’s so weird isn’t it? But hopefully they’ll change it again soon!

I found @Conor 's post about the Viscosity change if anyone is interested. Foil-sealed bottles of Soylent 2.0

The last one that tasted like vanilla was 1.3. It had that sickly/sweet vanilla flavor that some liked and some hated.

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ah ok. I never tried the powdered versions so I wasn’t sure if there had ever been a true Vanilla. The last batch of 2.0 just tasted like a vanilla-ish/sweet flavor to me. I guess everyone has a different taste reaction to them :slightly_smiling:

:stuck_out_tongue: You could buy one of those bottles with vanilla flavor with a thing for adding a drop or two to your Soylent before drinking it. Look for something similar to this :stuck_out_tongue: (I haven’t tried it myself… note that the picture is wrong)

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I never considered that for Soylent before but that’s a great idea! Thanks Tordenskjold :relaxed:

Why not just add real vanilla? The linked liquid is propylene glycol based and probably wouldn’t taste as great as real vanilla extract.

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A lot of us have added natural vanilla extract, but (at least for me) it doesn’t taste like you’d expect, possibly because the alcohol doesn’t have a chance to evaporate (like it would in baking), but for whatever reason it doesn’t taste good. I had better luck adding powdered vanillin, but even that was unsatisfying. Your results may vary. There were at least a few people who were adding natural vanilla extract without complaint, I think.


:stuck_out_tongue: He can add which ever kind he wants. Only suggested something like that with a “dropper” for the ease. (I don’t know anything about the taste of that specific product).

Yeah, I had been hesitent to use vanilla extract for those same reasons. Due to health issues, I have to be very careful about the hidden ingredients in food. Though I appreciate that Tordenskjold found one with a conveinent dropper :grin:

I ended up ordering a different flavoring product that’s less than 1/30th of a teaspoon of alcohol per serving. I’ll let you know how it goes. The new Viscocity Soylent is making nauseous every time I drink it. I seriously hope they’re reconsidering the change.


After some trial + error, I’ve found my way of drinking the New 2.0 without getting Nauseous. Now I use a Blender bottle to mix 50mL of water with a bottle of Soylent. I also can only drink 1/2 of it at a time and then drink more an hour or so later.

Before the viscosity change, I was drinking a bottle at a time and usually 2 a day. Now it’s definitely <1 bottle total for the day.

I also tried using this Vanilla flavoring from Flavor essence. It has the lowest alcohol content of the flavorings I found and it’d recommend it to people who need flavoring. Unfortunately, since I was so used to the previous Soylent taste I ended up not using it after a few tries. I also found that cutting the Soylent with the water made the taste less “Graham-y” and drinkable with just that.

It’s amazing how much of a difference 50mL of water makes in this version of Soylent but I’m glad I found a way to continue to drink it. Hope this helps anyone who might also find it hard to drink.

From a Super Taster to you,

The January atch of 2.0 has more flavor than the November batch of 2.0.
I loved the original 2,0 batch, but November batch was dub-par.
January batch is back with a little for flavor. I don’t mind it and absolutely prefer it over the November batch.

Awbee… you said graham crackers… I don’t taste any Cinnamon, and none is in there. Maybe you are talking about Non-Cinnamon graham crackers.

If you are talking about non-Cinnamon crackers then you are talking about 2.0 original (w/o cinnamon)… Can you taste the difference between Oct, Nov, and Jan 2.0?
But when I say that the January batch of 2.0 is a little more flavor then the August batch, I’m serious. And that may be your problem.

January 2.0 actually has more flavor and is not as “bland” as imagined. Something is off, but not in a bad way so much… .

Hi Alex

I don’t mind that the Soylent batches have flavor. :slight_smile: I don’t taste cinnamon. When I say Graham cracker, I taste the graham - wheaty I guess? But it is less like that with the water mixed in.

I received orders in Oct and Nov but both were marked as expiring in Aug. Not sure if I got 2 versions or not. The taste differed a little at times but not greatly.

In the end, because I’m doing better with the Water mix I think the Viscocity change was what was getting me. Everyone is different - different bodies, different tastes. I have health issues that make me more sensitive to food changes than most people. That’s just me. But I’m glad I found a way to continue using the Soylent since I can’t eat much else.

I noticed the change in the 2.0 January also. The earlier releases had a very faint taste, but this one is much stronger to me. Between the taste and the thicker viscosity, I can barely drink it, and can’t ever seem to finish a bottle of the January batch. Thanks for the tip on diluting it, I’m going to try that. Hopefully that will help.

Also, along these same lines, is there a way to know when a new batch is produced? I’m considering stopping my subscription until the next batch is released. I don’t see anything on the order page that says which batch is shipping. Maybe that’s something that could be added since there seems to be changes in flavor and/or consistency between batches.

Hi Eric,

The only way I figured out which batch was shipping was to watch the forums. If there’s a change, people start discussing it here. That’s how I found out about the new batches of foil-sealed bottles.

I hope diluting the January batch will help you out. It took me a little over a week to re-adjust to them. Try playing around with the water amounts to find which works best for you. I found that adding a lot of water was still nauseating to me but just 50-100ml was a big improvement.

Let us know how it goes for you :slight_smile: