New ARS Technica article: After months of delay, Soylent finally ships


I read all the comments and was surprised to find them far more civilized and constructive than those on the previous articles ARS has done on Soylent.

There were only a few posts referencing the movie, and one or two people mistakenly thinking it contains Soy. There was one guy who repeatedly insisted that Ensure High Protein is basically the same thing “because all carbs turn into sugars so it doesn’t matter what they are” (I’m paraphrasing).

Overall, I think people are coming around to the idea, and a lot of them said they’ve ordered some to try it out. :slight_smile:


Great article. :slight_smile: I just wish I knew what happened to my order. I guess I didn’t click final order button or something.


Glad you liked the short piece. Like everyone else, I’m waiting for my (personal, paid for by me) order to be shipped so I can dive in. Looking forward to writing up my production Soylent experience.