New bottle Cacao is grainy/tastes different; has black specks in cap threading

Got a shipment of the new bottles, and the taste and consistency seems off (not mention almost impossible to open). I’ve been drinking 1-2 Soylent a day for about 6 months, and after one from this case I felt horrible, so I didn’t drink another and contacted the company. They replaced my case with another, but it’s from the same lot, just later in the day.

In the second case, there is a very powdery aftertaste that lingers in my mouth and clings to the inside of the bottle, it’s much thinner in consistency than before, plus the flavor seems very artificial. I added some heavy cream (about 1 tablespoon) and that fixed the consistency and almost fixed the flavor. I also noticed some black specks, which might be oxidized product, in the threading on the bottle (under where cap was).

Again, I reported the issue, so they sent yet another case of Soylent Cacao out. Guess what? It’s the original bottles! I want to order more, but I hate the new bottles (need a device to open them which makes them inconvenient on-the-go), and I don’t want the gritty version of Cacao with the black spots. Any advice to save me from a replacement loop like this last time?

@conor might be able to help you.

I just got a shipment of Cacao and it tastes normal to me. The bottles can be difficult to open, but not impossible.

I think I’m about to cut my consumption of Soylent in general, not because of taste or bottling, but because after three years or so of Soylent, my body wants more solid food and less liquid.

Email our customer service team:

Have done that, but I end up in an endless loop of not getting any feedback about the issue, and just keep receiving the same product. It is noticeably different from the formula in the round bottles because I still have some of those and compared them side-by-side.

See a similar, if not identical, issue with Original: New bottle tops leaving behind plastic bits

The problem is escalating. Shards are now larger and in the drink neck.shards