New bottle Cacao tastes different


TLDR version:
New round bottle Cacao soylent tastes different with a bad aftertaste. Did something change other than the bottle?

Long version:
I opened my first box containing the new bottles. I do agree they are more of a hassle than the square bottles and I understand why so I can deal with it. I do appreciate the new top style as the square bottles were so hard to open I’d actually hurt my wrist from opening one every single morning.

I digress. This morning I cracked into my first of the new bottles. I have been drinking Soylent for a couple years now, and almost solely Cacao since it came out. Yesterday I literally drank two square bottles – one from my fridge in the morning and then one at room temp at my desk in the afternoon. Today I opened a new bottle from my fridge and I am dissatisfied to find that the taste has changed, including (or attributing to) a bad aftertaste.

I’m terrible at descriptions, but I want to say the taste while drinking is like plastic and the aftertaste is simply sour and has stayed in my mouth for the last hour. Reminds me of when you let water sit in a bottle too long the water ends up tasting gross. But that can’t be it, something that has a year shelf life should take quite awhile before it starts to taste weird. Sure this pack has sat at room temp in my kitchen for a month, but I never had issues with one or even two month old packs of the square bottles (or even the prior round bottles). Unless the ingredients or the bottle plastic makeup has changed drastically enough to cause this effect. Maybe the change from super hard twistoff cap to foil cover is allowing some kind of particle transfer.

I realize the need to get soylent out there now that you’re playing with the big boys, but don’t sacrifice all the good you’ve done thus far just for the bigger market you’re getting into.

Soylent has really helped me the past couple years. I’m not a morning person, so having a nutrition drink for breakfast each morning has really helped me get some morning nutrition really helping my daily mood. I had been doing slim fast (many years ago) but stopped when they changed from can to bottle because it simply no longer tasted good. Soylent has been good for a long time now, I’m really sad to have to think about finding an alternative.

I’ve tried most flavors – not a fruit / fruity milk person so I’ve kept my distance from Nectar/Strawberry, but tried everything else. The coffee/cafe ones were alright – I try to stay away from caffeine addiction. Original tastes like cereal milk and I got so sick of drinking it every day. Once Cacao was an option I was completely hooked. My point is I’ve tried the others so it’s not as simple as just switching to a different Soylent flavor for me. (I have not tried any of the powders, I need a grab and go and don’t have time for mixing.)

I have currently postponed my monthly shipment for awhile. I have 6 boxes to go through so we’ll see, maybe I just got a bad batch.


The adhesive used for the foil lid makes the round bottle taste different to me. If I use a straw, it tastes the same as sqround bottles. Not a perfect solution, but just thought I’d add my experience.


I’m still receiving square bottles via Amazon. Kind of worried now reading this thread. I’m sure they will do something about it. Would be unfortunate to have to abandon Soylent as I too drink Cacao exclusively.


Maybe the adhesive is also the reason that Strawberry supposedly has a sour/weird aftertaste as well. Perhaps Soylent needs to address this quickly.


That’s how I first experienced it. I just pour into something else or use a straw, but it’s not ideal for on-the-go. I think wiping it off might work too, could use the back of your shirt or a napkin if desperate.


I drink the original flavor and my wife drinks cacao (both in bottles), and pretty much every time I get a new shipment I feel like the flavor is a little bit different.

So if you’re looking for flavor consistency, Soylent may not be for you. I wouldn’t exactly call it one of their strengths.


Glad I’m not the only one that notices the difference. I have both the square and round bottles in my fridge and they do taste slightly different.


I’ve been getting Cacao for a while now, both in the old and now the new bottles. Still greatly bummed about the new bottles, but I do not find a significant change in taste between the old and new bottles, thankfully. I’ve had several boxes of Cacao in the new bottles, and they’ve all tasted more or less the same to be as the old bottles.

The Strawberry bring sour issue was completely different… those were bad batches, and the liquid was noticeably thick in addition to being sour tasting. I’ve had both normal and bad batches of Strawberry, mostly in the new bottles, and the normal batches tasted fine to me–almost like Nesquik Strawberry powder.


Agreed, they frequently taste a little different and consistency from one batch to the next is something Rosa Labs continues to struggle with. My guess is that they don’t always source the ingredients from the same manufacturer. But I think the difference in flavor between new bottle and old bottle is larger than usual.


OMG I agree with how awful this new batch tastes. I just emailed them. I’m not sure if I’m going to finish the box, even. :confused: Not sure if I should cancel my amazon order.

Also, did they remove the version # from the bottles (or did it never exist for bottles, just bags?)
I don’t normally care/look, but I want to be very specific as to which version I have an issue with if/when there are issues.

I ended up sending an email to to express how gross the drink is now. I included pictures of the bottle in lieu of a version #.


Created an account just to add to the thread. Just received my first shipment of the new bottles. The taste of these are utterly abysmal.

The straw trick helps ever so slightly but it shouldn’t have to be like that.


Hmm, has anyone noticed any difference with Original? I’ve had both bottle versions recently and didn’t notice anything different. But I’ve also never noticed changes in any of the flavors from batch to batch, which people have complained about since basically the beginning. I must not have as strong taste buds, cuz I also like Strawberry and really like Vanilla and there isn’t an aftertaste that offends me with either. Plus Nectar was my favorite flavor, and that was clearly Soylent’s least popular option as it is the only product they permanently shelved (for non health concern reasons).


I have officially tried the new Cacao in the new cylindrical bottles, and I can add my voice to the rest of yours and say 100% for sure I tasted something disgustingly different. Most prominent when drinking one of the old squircle bottles before drinking a new cylindrical bottle. Brm bless your heart you can eat/drink anything. The rest of us, including all my friends, taste something horrible in these new bottles. I feel like Vanilla would also taste better if it was in the squircle bottle, but I guess we will never know now. At least we can definitively say Cacao is hugely different, and I did side by side comparison with the old squircle Cacao versus the new cylindrical Cacao, it’s like night and day difference in taste.


I haven’t had Cacao in the new bottle though so I dunno. I was asking about Original, cuz I’ve had both versions recently. And I also can’t eat and drink anything, I actually thought I was really picky until I started reading this forum, heh. Also, I think I meant to reply to this thread (edit: lol just noticed it is your thread, and also just noticed that one person in that thread said they noticed a difference with Original) vvv

But I’m not sure a handful of people here plus all your friends means we can say anything definitively though, especially since taste buds aren’t definitive (except when it came to Nectar, apparently).

@soylent_team, you have anything to say about this? How popular is this complaint since the switch?


I also want to chime in and say I am also experiencing a chemical taste in my (first) order from Soylent directly – and in the new bottles. I love the new bottles because they fit in all my drink holders, and they stay cold while I drink them. But the taste is not great at all.