New bottle doesn't fit in cupholders/can coolers (steel)

I only like Soylent cold cold cold, but foam koozies are garbage and don’t really keep anything cold in Florida. So I bought an Ozark double-walled can holder (fits round bottle) to keep my Soylent cold, allowing me to enjoy it slowly and feel more full.

Unfortunately, the new square bottle design is just a bit too big on the bottom to fit. Then I tried to take Soylent with me in the car, and it doesn’t fit in my basic cupholders.

Am I alone when it comes to wanting the bottle to fit in cupholders and koozies? Are my cupholders and koozies the problem and they work fine for everyone else? To me it seems like a huge oversight by the design team, but maybe I’m alone on this too? If the bottle was just a little taller and slimmer, it would fit everywhere again.

The new squircle™ bottles fit both in our “can coolers” and also in our car cupholders. Maybe it varies from car to car.

I guess I should have included these pics. What kind of can coolers are you using? My Ozark Trail ones will simply not fit it, but they fit Coke cans and small Starbuck’s frap bottles like a glove.

I just went on Amazon and bought ones meant for soda cans. Here’s a few: (we bought this one recently)

I’m sure there are others too…

Unfortunately, these don’t work too well where I live – they require freezing and then sweat a bunch, leaving a puddle on my desk. It’s super humid here, like 85-95% almost everyday. The can cooler I was discussing is stainless steel, and completely enclosed:

A taller, thinner bottle might fit in your steel can cooler, but I wonder if it would still stay cool? I have a feeling that the gaps between the squarish bottle and round can cooler would make it too inefficient.

What kind of foam koozies have you tried? It seems like 99% of the ones I see are the garbage ones that can be folded flat. I finally found a much more substantial one at a craft store, of all places. It’s still flexible, but the sides are closer to 1/2 inch thick.

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Aha, gotcha. Yeah it sounds like you need a Contigo or similar bottle as opposed to something that tries to chill the existing Soylent bottle. Unfortunately our car’s cupholders are in two different sizes (why on earth, I’ll never know…) and only one of them fits said bottles.

The gaps don’t seem to matter much. The Starbucks Frap bottles (the small ones that come in 4-packs) have the same squircle shape, fit rather tightly into the Ozark can cooler, and they stay super cold. I do have some of those thicker foam ones, and that’s what I’m going to be left using, but they don’t work so great. The fold-flat ones make almost no difference for me too.

I may just buy one of the Yeti or Tervis stainless, insulted cups and pour out my Soylent, but it kind of decreases the convenience and leaves me with something to wash each time I have one. I think the biggest bummer for me is not being able to have a Soylent open, or closed, in my car cup holder.

Yeah my Soylent is already cold, just looking for the best solution now that the shape changed to keep them that way. Thanks for your suggestions though :slight_smile:

I sympathize… we bought two of the nice Contigo bottles a few years back when we first started on Soylent, but eventually the reality of washing them all the time became a gigantic headache. Now we only use them if we’re taking a trip somewhere for at least a half day. And with RTD being so self-contained, the convenience of drinking right from the bottle just can’t be beat. One other maybe possibility would be to drink a little bit first, then drop in a few narrow ice cubes. I find that a small quantity of ice really doesn’t change the taste or texture at all, and can do a pretty darn good job of keeping things cold. Maybe ice on the inside, combined with a simple foam type cooler on the outside for insulation? Dunno… but I wish you luck in finding something that works just right!


Appreciate the support and sympathy! I hope I find something they fit in, or that the bottle shape changes to slightly accommodate these other conveniences.

Try using a hammer to get it in there!

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Yeah, that doesn’t work too well. Go ahead, ask me how I know :slight_smile:


Nurse… get me a Q-tip, and a hammer!

Random obscure 90’s reference of the day for you all…

I pour mine into a double walled vacuum bottle. It’s taller than the Soylent bottles, but it’s round and thin enough to fit my car’s cupholders, plus it keeps things cool for hours.