New bottle tops leaving behind plastic bits


I finally got some new bottles last week and immediately upon opening the first two, noticed a dozen or so little black bits around the opening from what I assume was new perforated top.

Has anyone else noticed this? I wiped the first one off with my shirt before putting my mouth on it, and decided to dirty a glass with the second one instead of ingesting whatever it was.

I remembered this forum before lunch today and thought to take a picture, but the third bottle had another issue entirely… bad seal maybe?


looks more brown then black, like Cacao residue
I get it then now and then (with the original bottle), just wipe it off with a damp paper towel/napkin


Ya, the photograph is a different issue, as I noted. I’ll photograph the bottle tomorrow if the black bits are visible.


I’ll look into this with our QC team.


Here’s one from tonight. It’s a bit difficult to photograph with my phone. It seems to happen consistently though. It’s visible in the picture around on the bottom… ridge (?). It wipes right off but it’s not always easy to wipe the flakes/specs off when they are underneath the ridge.

They definitely appear black as if they are from the cap, not brown as if they were from the cacao. I’ll see if it happens with Vanilla when I get that next week (if I get the new bottles).


Here’s today’s bottle in three phases:

  1. After the initial opening, lots of black flecks
  2. After my wiping it off with my thumb (can’t get under the ridges)
  3. After me blowing it off (1 piece remains there on the right)

Not a huge deal, just inconvenient at the moment.


Not sure if it’s me or what but, I don’t see anything in those photos of what you’re describing… I don’t see any black bits anywhere. I’m reasonably certain I’m not blind…


Did you click the image to enlarge it? Are you looking at it on a phone?

It’s quite visible on the most recent image (the 3 photos stitched together), but admittedly less-so on the one before that.


Nope, looking at it on my 27" iMac screen, full size. I don’t see a thing out of place…

EDIT: Aha, I do see some small grey spots on the tri-photo collage. No other input on it though I’m afraid…


Ah, cool. I was going to circle them.

I’m wondering if that happens with most plastic caps, but because most bottles aren’t stark-white, nobody notices?


Same thing just happened to me on a new bottle of chai. I’ve got some more pictures but I can’t upload them right now.


I finally got the new squircle bottles and noticed the numerous black specs too. @Conor what did the QC team say? Are the specs harmless, or should I wipe them off? I guzzle a lot of Soylent, so any undesired effect is magnified for me :grinning: In every other respect, I love the new bottles.


While the customer service team was fantastic both times this happened, I’ve now had two instances in which the new bottles leave behind plastic bits and have a rather gritty texture. The plastic bits are a bit worrisome (did any end up inside the bottle?) and the texture is much less pleasant than that of the old bottles, which I really enjoyed. The Soylent in the new bottles tastes more gritty and there is a noticeable crust of dried Soylent around the mouth of the bottle, even after shaking. Has anyone else noticed this textural difference in the bottles with plastic bits as well, or do these appear to be separate issues?
It appears that something similar has happened to Cacao bottles. See here: New bottle Cacao is grainy/tastes different; has black specks in cap threading

New bottle Cacao is grainy/tastes different; has black specks in cap threading

I haven’t had textural issues, but I have consistently seen a “crust” build up of Soylent around the top of all my new Soylent bottles, which is usually still present after shaking. I only drink Chai though, so I can’t say if it’s showing up on other flavors.


I have not noticed any difference in either Cacao or other flavors.


Is there any feedback on this? It’s happening with my latest shipment from Amazon and I can’t return these to them anymore (evidently I’ve returned too many so far). It’s actually getting worse.

New bottles are too hard to open
New bottles are too hard to open

From first appearance that looks like Cacao residue.


I’ll admit I’ve never seen a piece that big, but this continues to be an issue for me. I’ve just gotten into the habit of looking at the rim, blowing, and then wiping the bits off. I can continue to provide pictures if that’s valuable.


The black piece feels like plastic, as it didn’t dissolve in water.


The new bottles obviously don’t have this issue anymore. Thanks for making the change!