New bottles are too hard to open


The new bottles of soylent that came in Cafe Chai flavor is super hard to open. The older version where you had to rip off the plastic was a bit annoying but at least it wasn’t 3x harder to twist open. It is so hard that the plastic gets twisted and fingers skin seem to be peeling off; I’d imagine it would be pretty painful opening a few a day.

Sharp Edges on New Bottles

I haven’t tried any of the new bottles yet, but I never twisted the top to open the older kind. Simply press your thumb into the perforation near the bottom of the cap and twist the bottle around with your other hand. This breaks the perforation all the way around and it super easy. Now just screw off the cap and you are done. No mess with the plastic covering at all. :slight_smile:


The new bottles are different. The wrapping stops at the neck of the bottle and it’s got a plastic top attached to a plastic ring as a seal (similar to many other bottles you’ve probably opened before).

My only problem opening the new bottles so far is that the wrapping has a tendency to shift around the bottle, which makes getting a firm grip (on the wrapped part of the bottle) more difficult. I haven’t hurt myself yet though, and if anything I think my only issue is with the bottom part. The actual caps seem better than the old design for me.


I like the new bottles. I got pretty good at the old, could usually just twist and get the cap off with a clean tear of the plastic, but sometimes the plastic would leave shreds that made it harder to drink. The new one is more reliable, just twist and it’s off.


I find it way easier now!


Same issue here. While I am glad to be rid of the plastic wrap, I find the new bottles very difficult to open, and the wrapping on the bottle tends to get all twisted around as I am gripping it to turn the lid the other way. At home I have a bottle-opening device with a silicone grip that I usually use to make it easier, but trying to open it without that thing is a big pain in the butt. I’m honestly not sure what’s more annoying between that and the wrapper.


Yes, agree 100%. The combination of the smaller cap and the wrapping make it really difficult.


wrapping spins around the bottle for me too, but since it’s squaricle I can still get a decent enough grip. However, the cap is on super tight. Often times I have to get a towel around the lid to open it without hurting my hands. Actually now, that I think about it I haven’t had that problem in the last week or two. Maybe my hands got stronger, haha.


Just got the new bottles and this is definitely an issue. 2 bottles so far and they’ve both been painfully hard to open. I’ve heard to try holding it from the bottom, so I’ll try that tomorrow. From what I’ve read, they’re looking into it. (That being said, they look great.)


Yep, definitely too hard to open. I also find toilet paper too hard to tear, and pages too heavy to turn.

Y’all are too damned soft! Buncha pencil pushers, the lot of ya, I swear!

(serious brigaders don’t like humour?)


lol. its called feedback. if we dont give it, it wont improve. if it wont
improve, everyone would have been stuck with the original chalk flavor it
started with.


Damn, I didn’t realize the caps used to taste like chalk. They just taste like bic pen caps to me these days.


I don’t have a problem opening the bottles… but they are noticeably more difficult to open and the wrapping twist thing happens (although the wrapping twist thing doesn’t add to the difficulty, I just get annoyed for a sec that I ruined the pretty bottle wrapping).

I still prefer these bottles way more though.


I’ve been having difficulty with the new ones too. I do still like the new bottles though. I’m guessing I need to hold it higher on the neck. Sometimes I end up squeezing too hard while opening it and get some spilling.


I’m completely with you on this. I damn near sprain my wrist 99 times out of 100 when opening these new caps. It makes no sense, I’ve had countless beverages with this style of cap over the years, and have never had one be even slightly difficult to open. These are downright painful. My other half would never be able to get one open without a tool for assistance; she doesn’t even try and just lets me (carefully) do it.

I’m not exaggerating about hurting myself on these things either. The first couple times I wasn’t expecting any particular resistance and I really did hurt myself. After that I learned that it usually takes 3 to 5 repeated short, intense efforts where I very carefully stay just shy of the point of injury, before the cap will let go. The bottles are fine otherwise, it’s just the issue of opening them.

Oh and also in trying so hard to twist them open, the wrapper almost always slips, wrinkles and bunches up severely, and it also works against the forces trying to open the cap (since it prevents a really firm grip on the bottle inside the wrapper).


I’ve had a bunch more of the new tops. Still find them very easy to open. But my problem is that the damn ring at the bottom has those sharp bits on it, and they’re painful when I try to drink! They stab my mouth. So now I have to take the top off (easy), then wrestle the ring off, then drink.


I drink a soylent nearly every morning. The first thing I do after getting out of bed is walk over to the fridge. The old bottles were great, I’d use my thumb to pierce the wrapping and the cap would come off easily. These new bottles are absolutely TERRIBLE. Literally painful to open. Holy hell, please fix this. You have a product people use on a daily basis and one that they love. This makes me dread drinking one every morning.


I haven’t gotten any of the new style bottles yet, but from the sound of it I’m going to have to get a second one of these to keep at my desk:


I use something very similar to that jar opener to get mine open, @nanciejk. I find it very difficult to open the new bottles without it. Thankfully for me I’m almost always at home when I drink Soylent.


I wonder if it was just the first couple production batches that were super hard to open. Originally when I got them it I would use a towel to open them and still hurt my hand, but now I can open them barehanded with nothing more than a firm turn. I’m a super weak petite female so I’m definitely not just strong arming them.