New bottles are too hard to open


hm good point. i will order another box and see if it is still hard to open
or not


I’ve had a similar experience. My first few boxes of the new bottles were ripping the skin on my hand and hurting my wrist. But my newest shipment of Vanilla seems much more normal.


Great news people. the new box that came does not have the
super-hard-to-open issue. it is currently the best of both worlds where
therr also isnt an extra plastic wrap around the cap as well.

issue resolved.


I bought 24 bottles of on sale Cacao recently and found them difficult to open. I keep a wrench on hand for dealing with such problems, and finally yesterday I gave up on a bottle and had to go downstairs and find the wrench to open one. Whew, it worked. Maybe the sale is to get rid of these “SOB” (quoting the President) bottles?


I believe Smeggot was being unserious, and just making a light joke with some people he considers his friends. Please note the lack of offense taken by anyone in the past ~18 days. :parasol_on_ground:

I’ve been watching this thread with interest, because I haven’t actually gotten a box of sqround bottles yet, my wife primarily drinks them, and they aren’t much use to her if she can’t open them when I’m not around. But it seems the problem is solved before we got any of the new bottles. Lucky me! :four_leaf_clover:


Yup. Same with the cacao I got… a firm grip indeed!
It seems these bottles have less of the seal built into the cap compared to the old bottles… ie the degrees of cap ratation from first friction to stop is less on the new bottles (it seems to me…)

Or perhaps they’re just screwed on so tight the seal is squashed…


Sorry, I didn’t realize there was a Vulcan reading this forum. Actually, maybe you’re a Klingon? Or a hybrid of the two? IDK. SMH.


Although I’m loving the lack of cap wrapping (even though the thumbnail trick worked well), I have had major issues opening my first squircle (sorry, sqround is too hard to say and spell) Coffiest bottles. It takes a ton of effort and I destroy the wrapper in the process. I even had to have a coworker open one of my bottles for me, much to my chagrin.
I’m glad to hear that this issue has possibly been resolved for future cases.

In other news, my slight OCD self is now facing a conundrum:
Positive OCD life change: squircle bottles stack beautifully in the fridge
Negative OCD life change: top half of wrapper is super wrinkly after my fight to open the bottle


SQUIRCLE!!! :joy:


I’ve been having my 19 year old son open them for me. He has a hard time as well. I usually have him open a couple before he leaves. I forgot today and now I’m searching for something different for lunch. I took a knife and separated the ring from the cap and I STILL can’t get the bottle open.


I pretty rarely have trouble with mine anymore, though sometimes I still hurt my hand. They have tools though you can grab at the dollar store or walmart that make it pretty easy to open tough jars or bottles or whatever. I have one like this


Yeah I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the ring, I think it’s possibly one or both of:

  1. The cap is just plain screwed on overly tight
  2. The vacuum inside the bottle is too strong

It feels to me like a bit of both.

We actually have one of those “jar opening helper” tools and even with it, I had a hell of a time.


Maybe they’re trying to toughen us up, lol!


Hah… well in that case it worked. I now have calluses on my hand in the exact spot that I grip the lids when opening them. I am literally tougher than I was before.


The struggle is real.


Looks like a lot of Soylent users need it. Still.


The Cacao I got a few months back was really hard to open… I used a big wrench which saved the skin on my hands.

Happy to report just got my first 2.0 in the new bottle yesterday and so far (two down) It’s much easier to open!


I had been wondering if I was just losing grip strength. I workout 5 days a week. I also design and build houses for a living. I. E. Pounding shit into the ground all day.

I will say, the issue seems to be refrigerated vs. non For me. I occasionally drink the Vanilla cafe room temp. They open right up. I put bottles from the same box in the refrigerator and they are tougher.

Any how that’s just my observation. Found this thread online, knowing how this product is like software, constantly updating I just thought I would add my bug report.


I have since encountered a few of the new 2.0 bottles that are difficult (but not as bad as my prior cacao bottles) to open… It’s certainly not consistent. I’m not sure what the problem is.

P.S. @Gnostine good point… the “easy” bottles were at room temp and the more recent difficult ones came from the fridge… will investigate further…


I’ve been having a rough time with my Chai bottles again. For a while they had been easier, but this morning I tried to open one with my can opening grip, and the grip on the soylent cap tore up the plastic on my opener… Glad that wasn’t my hand this morning.