New bottles are too hard to open


Try this. Been working for me lately.
Squeeze the bottle on the “corners” of the bottle in the center with one hand. Like your using a grip strengthener, only just enough that when you twist the top it doesn’t explode.
Last six bottles have opened without the crinkle. I think it’s when you try and grip the top of the bottle and twist.


I just verified this! Slight squeeze to the corners and cap turned with no issue!


I recently found a way to make opening the bottles easier (I didn’t have an issue opening them, but the new bottles are still noticeably harder to open) and to avoid the label crinkle. Your method sounds similar.


Wow, just tried this – didn’t expect it to be THAT much easier. Goodbye, morning hand cramps!


I hold the bottle by the neck, and press it down on a counter top. I find that the friction of holding it against a surface makes it easier.


So far I’ve found that I can open the bottles pretty easily as long as the wrapper/label isn’t there. Fortunately, the wrappers are a lot easier to get off the new bottles than the old ones.


Does anyone from the company actually read these forums? The new style bottles are indeed very difficult to open. You shouldn’t have to resort to special tricks and tools to get the darn thing open. This is even less user-friendly than the seals that you had to remove and pieces of them would always seem to be laying around.


Yes, people from the company read these forums. You can tell, because they respond to issues such as this. They say they are working on this issue.


If you find it too hard, just get your husband to open it instead.

(oh gawd this is gonna go over well)

(((I’m joking, for those who don’t understand)))


I usually get my dad or a big kid at school to do it.


Sorry if i"m a big fat sissy but I don’t need a workout getting the cap off. Not sure why you need to leave an insulting message? There are many people who hold this same opinion. Thanx for your wisdom.


Thanx. I’m happy to see that the product and packaging are evolving over time. This clearly seems to be an issue for a lot of people.


Try again after you hit puberty.

(I’m only joking around, shoulda been obvious, relax!)

((not relaxed I guess))


FWIW, there is a big difference between refrigerated and room temperature… At room temperature the bottles aren’t that hard to open. IMHO refrigerated bottles require special tools to avoid blisters.


Maybe one could loosen the caps at room temperature before putting the bottles in the fridge.


Good idea… although I wonder how much a slight break in the seal might decrease the refrigerated shelf life?


Yes, it depends on your usage pattern. I just put a few bottles in the fridge in at a time and I always consume them within a few days, so I don’t think it would be a problem for me. I don’t see any sense in putting ten bottles in so I can have a cold one. That would mean I was keeping a bunch of bottles cold for no particular reason.


Same problem here. I’ve had to tie a rubber band around the cap or use a rubber jar gripper to be able to open these.


IIRC refrigerators like having stuff in them, they don’t have to work as hard. Since my fridge would be pretty empty otherwise I’d be better off keeping more bottles in there when on 2.0.


I use a non-slip jar opener and don’t have any trouble opening the bottles. However, without one I don’t think I’d be able to.