New bottles are too hard to open


I do this as well. My whole top shelf is Soylent. Usually around 30 bottles until I get low and have to load more in.


I don’t have much trouble from my bottles anymore. Not sure what the difference is, but at it’s worst one of the bottles actually tore up the plastic on my jar opener D:


Same here! At its worst, my jar opener nearly chewed through the lid before it turned it. Now I’m opening the bottles without the use of the jar opener at all.


My latest subscription batch of regular and cacao 2.0 is still nearly impossible to open. In fact it is impossible for my other half - she has injured herself several times trying and simply won’t anymore. I can do it but I have what seems to be a permanent wound/callus on the side of my right middle finger now from the bottle tops. I’m now having to always use a towel or similar to protect my hand as it hurts too much to open a bottle anymore without protection.

Something is decidedly not right about this. The bottles shouldn’t require any assistance, mechanical or otherwise, for an average person to open. I’ve had plenty of other drinks in similar bottles with similar tops and they are no problem at all to open, for anyone. RL needs to fix this. If I weren’t here to open them for her (at my own peril), my gal simply wouldn’t touch RTD because she wouldn’t be able to get them open.


I keep a large adjustable wrench by the fridge…


Just tore into my first shipment with the new bottles. Dislike how the label will twist when opening, but other than that they’re great. Love the new size, shape, label info and easy open/unseal. Awesome improvement, and looks good!


I find the new bottles just a bit difficult to open. Maybe they are good for building muscles? A new complaint: When I drink from the new bottles, the ring that separates from the cap and stays on the bottle kind of annoys my lower lip. I have started to pull the ring off the top of the bottle to get it out of the way. First I used a knife to lever it off, but then I noticed I could stretch it over the cap threads by putting my palm on the opening and just pulling up the ring with my fingernails while rotating the bottle. I thoroughly enjoy my Soylent 2.0 and the new bottle with its difficulties enables me to delay my gratification a few precious seconds. How did that commercial go? “Anticipation…anticipation… anticipay… yation, it’s making me wait…”


Just want to say that Soylent can be a great option for some individuals with an ongoing health/disability but hard to open bottles can be be deal breaker.
I’m opening the bottles in the current shipment for the disabled person in my household…


I drink a Cacao every morning on the way to work, so I just wedge the cap under one of my tires as I back out, which usually does the trick.

In all seriousness, my girlfriend’s grandmother wasn’t able to stomach solid food and thought Boost and Ensure were too sweet (and nutritionally deficient, I’d add). The only thing stopping me from ordering her a box was the sometimes extreme difficulty of opening the bottles.

The squeeze-all-sides-before-opening method seems to work only selectively, at least for me. :confused:


Squeeze around 2 corners that are diagonal (I do it at the beginning of the square-ish part of the bottle, after the neck), while using proper leverage (not strength) to twist.


This has become a major pain for me as well. Literally. I’m losing all of the skin on my hands trying to open these dang bottles. Squeezing the corners doesn’t seem to help. I have a rubber non-slip jar opener I use at home, but even IT is getting torn up and losing its grippy texture! At work I try using my shirt, but it just slips too much and I can’t open it.

Oh well. Who needs skin on their hands anyway?


Yes, there are sharp little nibs on the ring that is left when the cap is taken off that are sometimes quite annoying.


Our newborn can open these bottles, they’re that easy.

(I’m joking, for those who don’t understand)


See what all that Soy can do? :smile:


Place the bottom of the bottle in the palm of one hand while you twist the cap with your other hand. That does the trick for me, with no skin damaged or tools required as of yet (at roughly 3 bottles a day).

Unless playing PC games gave me superhuman hand strength or something.


Agreed, these new bottles are painfully difficult to open, to the point that I’d rather find something else to drink or eat than go through the ordeal of opening one of these bottles.


As GregH pointed out above, opening them is quite easy with an adjustable wrench. It is a shame that is necessary, but it solves the problem for now.


My 80-year-old mother loves her Soylent 2.0, she can’t stand the sickly sweetness of Ensure, but she’s really been struggling with the new bottles, and I’ll confess, I’ve been having issues with them as well.


I too have been making my hands raw and callous-ridden by attempting to open these bottles.

However, I found a fool proof trick:

Simply, run the lid over hot water for 15 seconds while rotating.
Pops off with no hassle afterwards, just like a regular bottle.


I have mild arthritis in my hands and I actually can’t open the new bottles without help, which is totally nuts.

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