New bottles are too hard to open


Bought a couple of boxes of cacao. I had no trouble opening a bottle. Gave six bottles to my girlfriend last night. Received text this morning: “Brought Soylent in car. It wouldn’t open. :disappointed:

She ended up looking through the cabinets at her work for a bottle opener. She ended up using medical latex gloves to open the bottle.


I find that the new bottles stay closed way too easy.


Same with my mom! I just got her excited to start Soylent but her carpel tunnel and arthritis makes it impossible for her to open the bottles. It even hurts my hands, the hands of a strong 30 year old guy. Please make the caps easier to open!


I thought you had switched to fast food?


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I did, ever since they switched to square bottles they don’t roll as fast and I’m all about speed, baby!


I think smeggot is funny.

His jokes, that is.


I have been having the same problems. Can not get the cacao bottles to open at all. I am a woman with smaller than normal hands, but I’m not weak by any means. I hope Soylent is listening and fixes this issue or someone has a trick.


Same problem here. The twist off caps on the last few shipments of Cafe Coffiest have been very, very hard too open. When I finally get the bottle open the bottle/label is twisted.

Seems the tamper proof top is almost drink proof. Having to use a tool to open this is a little excessive!


An adjustable wrench, the same kind you might use for fixing a vehicle, works well and should be available cheaply. It just has to fit the cap.



The new bottles are way too difficult to open. The plastic labeling moving around makes everything much worse, too.

I opened a bottle a few minutes ago and my fingers still have the cap design indented upon them.

I shouldn’t have to buy a gadget (wrench, jar opener, silicone pad, etc.) to open a plastic bottle of soylent.


Agreed, you shouldn’t. So if you’d rather damage your fingers, do that! I’m sure the problem will eventually be fixed, and if you don’t want to wait, don’t wait!


I just glue a bottle to the Earth & use the Canadarm from the ISS to grip the cap; the Earth’s rotation easily opens the bottle that way.


All well and good for you northerners, doesn’t work the same for those of us nearer the equator…


I also find the new bottles hard to open. I have an arm injury and I can feel fine (i.e its recovering) all day until I open a bottle of soylent. My arm then feels inflamed and painful for the rest of the day :confused: