New bottles are too hard to open


IMO, every consumer of anything should have on hand:

  1. Scissors or knife. (or razorblade)

  2. Adjustable wrench.

On many many occasions I have been unable to open an Amazon box because I didn’t have a sharp cutting instrument with me after picking up the mail.

The wrench can be needed if you have products with caps, like Soylent liquid. Even if you have never had problems with caps, you should get an adjustable wrench – for the future!


Also from the AMA ~an hour ago with RR and the new CEO dude (and Conor)

[–]binkleykun [score hidden] an hour ago
Will we get bottles that are easier to open? I know not everyone has this issue but it’s been annoying me for a while…

[–]SoylentCEOVerified[S] [score hidden] an hour ago
Food safety and ensuring a quality seal is our top priority. We are working on a few different solutions but don’t have this one solved yet.

Also due to rapid growth, expect to see Soylent in different bottle types in the future.

-Bryan and Rob

[–]bbqturtle [score hidden] an hour ago
You could throw a little bottle opener helper in everyone’s first order. Probably get it sourced for less than 10c each!

[–]SoylentconorSoylent [score hidden] an hour ago
We are exploring this option.

[–]andymcb1 [score hidden] an hour ago
Can you expand a little more on ‘bottle types’. Do you mean maybe something like a cardboard beverage box that I see juice come in?

[–]SoylentconorSoylent [score hidden] an hour ago
I’ll add some more clarity, we have a fantastic product team and they are constantly tinker with a multitude of materials. The bottling process that allows our Drinks to have such a long life span is intense so at times we have to wait for packaging technology to catch up to us. For example biodegradable bottles.

[–]andymcb1 [score hidden] 59 minutes ago
OK sounds great. I wonder what that would mean for preppers (I’m not sure if people are buying Drink with the intent to store it for 10-20 years, but you never know).

[–]SoylentconorSoylent [score hidden] 54 minutes ago
The issue with a nutritionally complete product suited for preppers who that you would have to overload on vitamins to account for degradation. This would probably make for a poor product if consumed after production. Additionally the flavor would probably suffer greatly due to all the added nutrients.

[–]andymcb1 [score hidden] 46 minutes ago
I guess they’ll have to live with tinned food in the new life.

[–]SoylentconorSoylent [score hidden] 45 minutes ago
Hydroponics!!! :herb::seedling:

Bottles way too hard to open

The outright difficulty of opening these (often on the go and without additional equipment, such as a jar opener or wrench) combined with the shredded plastic bits ( New bottle tops leaving behind plastic bits ) has me in Soylent limbo.

I loved the bottles for their ease and convenience - but these bottles are neither easy or convenient but they are a possible safety hazard. I for one will not re-order until this is fixed.


I actually keep a pair of pliers in my kitchen for this exact purpose. I’ve found that this works pretty well, though it took a little bit of practice to get the process down pat (my pliers are pretty small so it’s important to make sure to get as wide a grip as possible and squeeze really hard so that it doesn’t just scrape the ridges of the bottlecap).



While I definitely appreciate your reply, I don’t find having a bottle that requires a pair of pliers to open it “easy or convenient” particularly if I’m having to carry the soylent in an already heavy backpack

In addition, I suspect that having to use a pair of pliers to open the bottle will only lead to more plastic bits in the opened Solyent.


I agree that it’s silly I have to do this - just sharing what has worked for me.


Send me your hardest bottle to open, and I’ll do it with 2 fingers. Buncha wussies.

(but seriously, send them to me)


Yeah, I kinda hate the plastic wrap. But I just received a mixed Cafe box and there’s no wrap on them. Yay!


I think most people are complaining about the new caps. The plastic wrap was super easy to remove; just press thumb into the groove between bottle and cap, then turn the bottle. Then you could just peel it off and easily open the cap. The new caps are sealed by superhuman strength (at least the ones I’ve received). We broke a bottle opening device trying to open them, and one bottle slipped as the cap finally broke free, exploding across my kitchen. Fun stuff.