New bottles are too hard to open


I was struggling to open up my bottles today and a couple weeks before that… Had to have my S/O open it for me and even he had a struggle with it >,<


We have a major fix coming in the next couple of months. It will hit all digital subscribers on both Amazon and our own website.


What change does Soylent have in store for us?


You will have to wait and see :slight_smile:


Aww, I’m so stoked! No hint hehe, the suspense is building up :smiley:


I think the hint is “major fix”. Sounds like they’re not going to be using these bottles anymore.


Heh, that’s weird. I got my monthly sub a few days ago and I thought some kind of fix was already implemented as the bottles this month seem slightly easier to open (I don’t have a problem opening bottles, but I did notice the new bottles are more difficult to open).



Hopefully also with no cap ring, as our recycling center requires us to cut them off. :frowning:


Oooh, Sounds like an annoying extra step >,< I’ve had to have my roomate help me open multiple bottles and even he sometimes has had a challenge with them! They always result with a twisted and scrunched up soylent label on the bottle lol!


Set the bottle in your palm and grab the sides, then twist the cap. Grabbing it from below keeps the label from twisting for me.


After many shredded palms, I’ve started using an oil filter wrench to open my Soylent.


this is a brilliant idea! I need this!


I was pretty relieved at the ease of opening the new bottles. I don’t love the fact that I have to get through two seals and a lid, but now that it’s not stressing my wrists anymore, I don’t really care all that much.

Additionally, I don’t love the shape profile, or height of the new bottles, but I do like the fact that the plastic wrapper doesn’t get crinkled when opening anymore.


I much prefer the new bottle that shipped with the new strawberry flavor. Despite the fact that its once again a 3 step process, they are much easier to open!


Agreed. I just opened my first Strawberry flavored one.


Yeah, I have to say. While I’m not a fan of having more steps it’s not something that I pay that much attention to. But struggling to open a far too tight lid is something I’ll think about.


but does the silver seal & plastic sleeve create more disposable, non-recyclable waste than
the non-sealed, shorter bottles?
how has the change affected the idealism toward biodegradable bottles?

is the fix working for individuals with disabilities?

does the (disposable?) seal have to do with
safety standards or consumer packaging?



I’m confused. is it same bottle that’s easier to open than last version?


Not entirely sure I understand your question but it’s a different bottle that is easier to open (but with more steps).