New box, new flavor


A couple months ago, when I received my first two boxes of Soylent 1.4 (Lot #C15061P02), I was turned off by the “salty playdough” flavor, and was one of the many people complaining here about the new taste and texture.

Today I opened a recently-received box (Lot #L5070) and the taste is dramatically different. The new box of Soylent 1.4 is quite sweet, with a distinctive “maple” flavor.

But flavor is not the only difference – this is not a “minor production variation”:

Those of you have tried Soylent 1.4 have probably noticed how after it sits for a while, it separates out into a white layer on top of a grayish layer until you shake it. I assume the white layer is the layer of fat that comes from the encapsulated dried fats after the powder has dissolved into the water.

Well, I always make my Soylent with one scoop of powder to 3 scoops of water (need that much water to avoid the icky “Elmer’s glue” consistency). At that ratio, my initial box of Soylent 1.4 would separate into a white layer that was nearly half the volume of the drink. With this new box, the white layer is less than a quarter of the volume of the drink.

That’s a huge difference! If my assumption that the white layer is fat is in fact correct, that suggests that this new lot has less than half the fat content of my previous boxes of Soylent 1.4.

The good news is that I actually prefer the new taste. I was miserable on that first box of Soylent 1.4, and now I like the taste. I like my Soylent sweet not salty, and the maple flavor is interesting and pleasing to me.

The bad news is that I have absolutely no faith that the composition of this batch of Soylent is as advertised. It is obvious that Rosa Labs has a huge quality-control issue, and this is a major variation in the formulation. I can’t trust that the macro or micro nutrient balance is what it is supposed to be. Specifically, if this particular batch has half the fat, that completely calls into question whether I’m getting the right number of calories, and I also suspect (purely based on my subjective experience) that the glycemic load of this new lot is significantly higher.

So, thumbs-up on the new taste, thumbs-down on Rosa Labs’ inability to make a consistent product, undermining my trust in the nutrition that I’m getting from Soylent.


Yes, L and C batches have completely different taste. We’ve been discussing this in another thread already.


Proof that multiple versions of 1.4 exist.


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