New Canadian Purchaser - Found a lil anamoly

Soylent just arrived in the mail, wonderfully neutral. A bit floury but it can get used too. Can’t wait until I start drinking it regularly. However I did find a small anomaly while I was drinking my first cup… I was happily gulping it down (tastes a lot better than 100%food) until something solid came into my mouth. Hmm… maybe I didn’t mix it right… NOPE. It was a wet fruit sticker you usually see on apples. I trust this is probably a one time occurrence LOL, it’s not going to stop me from buying more soylent. However just sending some feedback to make sure you’re only putting SOYLENT in the bags. Other than that, amazing product, highly recommend it for anyone getting into the powdered food diet.


Thank you for the feedback. Sorry about the sticker :frowning:. Could you email me a picture of the bag showing the lot number:

:sweat_smile: funny and scary at the same time. Wondering about the specific sticker you found?

Eh, Red Del Washington Super Fresh growers 4016, looks like an apple sticker. At first I thought maybe it came from my fruit, but they only had white stickers. It would be one hell of a coincidence if it was though.

I don’t believe there are any apples in Soylent. :stuck_out_tongue:

How on earth does an apple sticker get into the production line?? Metal shavings at least make sense in a busy factory full of moving metal parts(though we certainly appreciate producers that take measures to prevent such occurrences), but an apple sticker?

Maybe one of the people at the Soylent factory had an apple for lunch?


If that was the case… There is a serious issue at one of the production sites. If an employee brought a food product into the production area.

:slight_smile: someone somewhere needs a warning


I found an eyeball in mine, at first I thought it was just some new protein source but it didn’t seem vegan-compliant to me. I think your workers should keep an eye out for things like that. Well, I guess they did in a way…

Seriously though, the apple sticker more likely came from the bag manufacturer than from Rosa Labs. The same facility probably makes hundreds of different packages and labels.


Interesting trivia: fruit stickers are edible. If you happen to eat one or two it’s not a big deal. They’re actually made out of “edible paper” or other food grade materials. Even the glue is food grade, as per FDA regulations.

My guess is the sticker is the result of cross-contamination via the mixing machine from not being cleaned out properly.

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I think that is a bit of a stretch. Soylent is made from dozens of constituent materials, all which come in some form of packaging from a number of sources. It could have come from anywhere, and even if someone failed to clean the machine that doesn’t explain how it got there to begin with.

It is a sticker — it could have stuck to an employee’s clothing outside of the production facilities, then fallen off once inside.


Of course it is a bit of a stretch; it is pure speculation on my part. :smile:

I was going under an assumption that the machines could have been used for other products also, and those products could contain fruit.

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Fair enough, my contention is that there are too many possibilities to form a worthwhile hunch. However, given RL’s demonstrated scientific discipline and attention to detail, I find them to be a less likely culprit than the numerous other parties involved.