New cardboard packaging keeps breaking

The new cardboard box packaging keeps breaking. This is the third shipment that’s have this now. The bottles are okay but the packaging box is usable.

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Yeah the corner perforations are too weak. I go amazon, so the box in box shipping saves them, until I pick them up to stack them in my closet; then the boxes tend to come apart like yours.

I definitely prefer the colored boxes. I get a mix of flavors every month, and whereas it used to be easy to select the box to take from the cabinet to put in the fridge, I now have to take down each one to read the fine print until I get the one I’m looking for. And some boxes sometimes arrive with compromised corner perforations for me, too. None of this is a huge issue, but packaging is definitely an area where things got a lot worse after the most recent changes. With prices higher than ever by a good bit now (no more pretense of offering a cheap alternative to food), the change smacks as a strict cost-cutting measure with no benefit to the consumer, hence as an expression of corporate greed, which is unfortunate.

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I’ve had the same issues with the new packaging, both annoying trying to sort multiple flavors and the boxes breaking easily. That said, I don’t really think they’ve done it solely out of corporate greed. Shipping costs have skyrocketed in the last couple years and Soylent is still giving out free shipping. I would guess the packaging changes were to offset the increasing costs of shipping rather than passing that on to us which I appreciate.

Can’t do anything about the new boxes breaking, but I’ve started using a Sharpie to label them in big letters on all sides when they arrive so I don’t have to read the tiny printed text later to see what flavor is in a box. B for Banana, CV for Cafe Vanilla, S for strawberry, etc. Works really well.

Same issue here just about every time it’s one of the new boxes. I still get occasional old boxes (the waxy ones) and though they may be dented, they are ALWAYS intact.

Yes, this is their big plus!)