New Customers?! I haven't even received my first order!


I saw a screen shot in another thread of new customer being double charged. From the order number ~2400 it seems they’ve received a lot of interest from other people and are clearly accepting money. I understand that they’re probably using it to seed new purchase orders from suppliers but I haven’t even received an email or any form of contact about my 1 week supply. I check the blog regularly in anticipation that I’ll see some good news.

Guys this is just stupid. I’ve already started my DIY. I understand the need for ramp up and everything but now I’m just upset. There is only so long we can wait. Clearly people that received 1 month supplies are going to run out and want re-orders. What’s to come of us 1 weekers. If I order a 1 month supply will you care more about me as a customer?


Patience is a virtue, dude. They will get to you. I ordered a month myself and haven’t received anything either, and sure that’s frustrating as all get out, and I get that you’re venting, but this is not productive.


People have a right to be upset. Yeah, you hear it all day on this forum. Maybe we’re on to something? Many of us purchased this as a consumer, not a backer. We want to know whats going on with our money.

At this point everything anyone says about whats going on, whether it be about what Soylent is doing with our money, what they’re doing to improve their logistics, when orders are really going to go out, all of this is conjecture. No one knows, except Soylent, and their presence here is near to nonexistent. This is what people have a problem with. Not the fact that they don’t have a product yet, but because no one is telling them why they don’t have a product - except other random people on the internet who really have no clue as to whats going on either.


Delivery for new orders and orders after 5/6 is clearly labeled delayed by 8-12 weeks. They are not shipping new orders yet So I don’t know what your complaint is they aren’t getting their stuff yet either. And they haven not finished shipping out the 1 month supply for the backers yet so they haven’t gotten to smaller orders yet. They said they were filled Larger orders first so that reorders were pushed back which is at least a logical choice for them. It has nothing to do with caring just logistics.

That being said I don’t think they will meet their deadline for ‘new’ orders considering they have a month left and haven’t finished 4 week backer shipping yet.


They have less than a month. At most, 3 weeks from today - it has been 9 weeks since they started shipping. This is what has gotten people stirred up. There is no official word as to what is going on from Rosa Labs.


Soylent; The Duke Nukem of food replacement.


Its time to kick a** and drink soylent… and I’ll never receive my Soylent.


Hardly fair. Duke Nukem spent 12 years in development and was a massive disappointment upon arrival. Though the roll out is slow going, general impressions seem to agree that Soylent is worth it.


You may just order some of DIY-soylent at Marketplace, while you’re waiting.


No- it is productive. If every rightfully dissenting opinion was withheld or snuffed out, 1) the world would think all is peachy in Soylent land and/or 2) The RL team would not be reminded of their errors, or god forbid feel compelled to correct them. Just because a negative post doesn’t come with the meaning of life attached doesn’t mean there is no value in the post.

Patience is totally a virtue, but there’s a fuckin’ limit may and we are getting pretty close(or passed it) for a significant number of people. I am still totally into the Soylent product and original ideals- but the execution has been downright unacceptable in recent weeks, and there is no sign of improvement in the coming weeks.


As was mentioned in another thread (I had forgotten this tidbit myself) all of the “new orders” are 8-12 weeks from their order data, so someone who ordered on 5/6 is at week 10 whereas someone who ordered on 5/13 is at only at week 9.

Maybe this tidbit wasn’t lost on you like it was on me, but it should help clarify some other readers thoughts and help ease the worries about trying to ship New and Pre orders at the same time. This gradually moving deadline on new orders at the very least would help keep the extra orders in que to a dull roar.


There seems to be two different attitudes in the Soylent community. You either feel that I’m being rude or you understand where I’m coming from.

From a business prospective I feel their being very unethical and harming their brand. If you can’t fill the pre-orders for your product, yet you’ll gladly take they money of new interested users without any idea how long they’ll have to wait, you’re in bad shape.

Let’s be fair here. If the Soylent team had any real time frame in mind, they’d let us know. The growing silence from them is clearly stating to me that they have no idea how long things are going to take.

My question is what is the real wait? Do they not have product? Is packaging the bottle neck? What’s going on? All we know is that they’re delayed and attempting to the next wave out.

This is highly annoying.

I have ordered a DIY supplement, but I’d really like the Soylent team to send me an official product. I’m not a bio hacker, nor do I care to be one. I just want to eat something healthy. I myself have weight issues. I don’t eat because I commonly forget to eat. I’ll sit in front of the computer for hours only to start losing focus and feel lethargic. I then try to find something to eat trying to get back to the computer as soon as possible to continue working. I love my work. Eating is just a byproduct of what I need to do to function.

I also understand that nobody gives a crap about my problems.

Soylent team, give me some Soylent!


Just a thought: they might be delayed as they try to get additional sodium into the recipe. For the very small percentage of people who read the forums, adding a little salt is easy. For the vast majority who do not, it’s also not “good for the brand” to have constant dull headaches.

Even something that seems as simple as “put a piece of paper in the box that says add salt” can be a logistical hurdle.


I couldn’t agree more. The way they’ve handled their customers is in the best case, horribly incompetent – worst case, outright fraudulent. I’m shocked that a funded startup could screw up the basics as badly as they have to this point.


It’s all a question of perspective.
My backer number is 1200 something, I’ve placed an order for a month but I won’t receive anything before 2015 because I live in Canada, does that seem fair ?
I’ve made my peace with it and now will be super stoked when I’ll receive it.
Patience !


Having waited well over a year now for my order (that was going to ship last July) and then watching all the ads pop up to get people to place more orders before anything had ever shipped? I think I have a right to be frustrated and angry. They continue taking orders while not filling the orders that they have and yeah, it makes me feel ignored. They need to get their house in order and perhaps suspend taking new orders until they meet their existing commitments.

They have had my money over a year, I’d like my product.


My credit card was debited for the shipment on April 16 but I haven’t received any product. I don’t know if that was wishful thinking on Soylent’s part or the shipment was lost. Does anyone have any info on this?

Nice placement in the New Yorker. Whoever is managing publicity is good.


What was the size of your order? You can tag @juliomiles if it was more than 4 weeks.


they take your money and make you wait. been waiting since 5/24/13


Where does it say what order number you are?