New Delays in Soylent Shipping?


There have been several users on the forums mentioning that they have received an email stating there will be an additional 4-6 week delay in fulfilling orders.

On Twitter there are also many people mentioning getting the same email.

Could someone from @Soylent please comment on what is happening.

Is there another ‘Break’ in shipping taking place?

Version 1.1 was just announced and already there are shortages.

An official response to this new delay would be appropriate.

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Good news > bad news > radio silence


To tide you over:!marketplace/c1p9k


I just received an email this morning that my order will be delayed 6-8 weeks
I mean I understand they’re still getting this business off the ground so to speak, and your bound to run in to unexpected issues, problems, or delays. But this isn’t the first time stuff like this had happened as far as I can tell reading in the forums a little bit. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the hassles have driven customers away. The Soylent team needs a better way of dealing with these issues when they come up than just an email saying “Your orders delay, you’re SOL”


Has anyone who was reordering gotten this shipping delay message? Or is this message only getting sent to first time customers?


My first order of Soylent shipped yesterday. FedEx tracking number went live today. Delay because of demand? Maybe. Delay because they’re out of 1.1? Unless they ran out today…


Classic Chewbacca defense


The accusation was made that there is a lack of supply 1.1 by OP with zero evidence provided to back that statement other than hearsay from the forums. I’m simply pointing out that as of yesterday they were shipping it. If there is a lack of 1.1, it didn’t impact shipping as of yesterday. Therefore, it is easy to deduce that as of yesterday they had stock and some point as of yesterday after my order was shipped an now they would have had to have run out of product if that was true. If someone can show that their are no new delivery emails being sent then we’d be able to summarize that either there is a lack of finished product or there is a shipping delay unrelated to the product. Therefore, anyone who has received a shipping email on 10/16 would be able to refute the statement that there is a shipping “break” or that RL has no Soylent on hand to ship.


The Chewbacca defense is from South Park…For the breakdown of what the Chewbacca Defense is referring to , just Google it…It basically means something doesn’t make sense.

Something I can relate to at work a lot…:slight_smile:


People are receiving emails from Soylent saying their shipment will be delayed. For example:


I did not say there was a shipping break. I asked if there was (or is going to be).

I also did not say that RL has no Soylent on hand to ship. I asked if there were shortages
(notice the “temporary ingredient shortage” in the pic above)

As you mentioned there was no evidence other than hearsay from the forums. That is why I asked if someone from Soylent could address the question.



I ordered a 1-week subscription to try back in July because I rarely overtly ‘enjoy’ food - I personally get no value from using my time to cook something that I’ve eaten a million times and which will be gone in under an hour. I was really hoping Soylent would be a way to get necessary nutrition without wasting time cooking something that I’m not going to enjoy anyway.

I’m beginning to have serious doubts that I should make a lifestyle change that requires Rosa Labs to ship consistently and efficiently, something that they seem to have been unable to do thus far.


To be fair, the only real problems they have are with new orders (do to a back log). Most reorders and subscriptions ship on time.


I may not be a job creator, but my understanding is that for new businesses growing their customer base is kinda an important thing, so to be fair ongoing problems with new orders is a big problem.


I was responding to someone talking about starting Soylent, and then not being able to get resupplied.


lol ya i got that, i was just trying to transition back to the topic at hand, that the soylent team needs to handle issues such as these better


I received the email about a week after I emailed customer service about how the expected 10-12 week expected delivery hasn’t yet shipped. I ordered in July 17. Something about how my order was “reaching close to the front of the line”.

Some positive things to say: I very much appreciate that something like Soylent exists. I always dreamed of drinkable complete meals and now it’s a reality. I am a person that eats to live and I am a very slow eater with low appetite. It’s very difficult for me to get complete nutrition everyday and my health suffers as a result. Something like Soylent is bit of a godsend for me.

I understand that Soylent is a unique idea and it is also a new company but the delays and very slow service is a bit disheartening. If this was any other business a 6 months wait would never stand by it’s customers. Imagine ordering a custom built PC and having to wait this long? We give allowances to Soylent because of the nature of the service and product while remembering that this is a new company.

Hopefully in the future the order turn outs are like any other business where you make an order and receive it within a week regardless if you’re new or recurrent. I am looking forward to that day.

I ordered from Space nutrient for now to hold me over mainly because it is so quick at fulfilling orders. However, if I were to trust the nutritional engineering of a product of this type, I would trust Soylent above all.


Well, I ordered a 1-week supply on a subscription basis but haven’t actually received any product yet. Even worse, a first-time customer that signs up for a subscription service, has the money withdrawn, and sees nothing for 10-12 weeks (except for an email at the end of it outlining a further 6-8 weeks wait)!


I agree completely, I really like the product and want to see it succeed, but the people at soylent shouldnt take advantage of that allowance.
Shouldnt someone be doing a kind of customer relations type thing to engender some good will among the people who are affected be these delays? I would bet an email apologizing for the delay and offering something small like a coupon code to save a buck or two should you decide to re-order, would both make people feel like they werent just being slighted and that the company was actually trying to make up for the problem while also encouraging people to come back and continue purchasing in the future. That’s just one example though, there are other ways it could be done too (as im sure that suggestion will be easy to dismiss as self serving on my part)
Either way id just like to see more done by the soylent team in terms of customer relations when these unexpected issues and delays arise


I agree, it’s bit concerning. Maybe try line up more suppliers as backup? May be slightly more expensive but better have backups in least normal supplier can’t provide enough.


Soylent only needs to change business models if enough people cancel to have a zero day wait time. But if people did that, then everyone would be ordering again.

It’s all fine because they’re offering full refunds. If you could order without being charged until ship day, we’d probably be seeing 50+ week backorders rather than 20 week backorders. (Post-backer order, getting mine tomorrow!)

It’s more important that existing customers receive a steady supply because Soylent can so very heavily alter one’s lifestyle.