New DIY MarketPlace looks good!


Haven’t had a chance to dig deeper but it seems like a big improvement…I like it front end too…GUI is more professional imho…!marketplace/c1p9k


Thanks for kind words,
We’re in beta yet, so if you find a bug - pls. post it here.


It would be great to be able to estimate shipping without creating an account first.


Shipping calculators from USPS & UPS planned for this week. I will let you know if you’re ready to test.


Shipping calculators by UPS & USPS are added.
Sellers are able to offer Free, Paid and Discounted shipping for products.

What is discounted?
Since international shipments are rather costly and cannot be offered for free,
we made an opportunity to share shipment cost between Seller & Customer.

For instance 100%FOOD is ready to cover up to $15 shipment costs per One Week Set, while the excess should be paid by customer. Other Sellers will polish their shipment rates during forthcoming week.


First video review of PFM samples by Trenton Adams:

(Trenton previously reviewed Soylent).


Second video review of PFM samples by Trenton Adams:

(this time chocolate versions)