New Drink Bottles Have Different Taste?


I just got my first batch of the new bottles (the squarish ones) and they taste wildly different from how the circular ones used to. To me it just tastes awful now. The best way I could describe it is watery flour. Whereas the first one had the consistency of a milkshake and was very drinkable. Did the formula change? Is Drink no longer on 2.0? Or did I get a bad batch?


We removed algae oil. Beyond that because we are plant based as we switch through different suppliers of the base planet ingredients changes happen just based on the nature of crops not having 100% the same consistent taste.


I can definitely taste a difference in the new bottles…I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is awful but it’s not as good as the old ones. I will say that the new bottles are TERRIBLE to open. I have to have my roommate open the new bottles for me the night before so I can consume them at work. I’ve seen here different methods of opening but they just haven’t worked for me, so I try to hoard my remaining round bottles in case he forgets or he’s not around. Since I’m home this morning he opened a new square bottle for me and to my surprise it has MOLD…I thought this mold issue was resolved but apparently not.

Lastly, my god I have the same problem with the old bottles as far as the GREEN font/print on the lid it just doesn’t show up on the black lid or certain letters/numbers wear off. Can’t the color of the print on the lid be white or better quality so it’s legible or put the info in a different location on the bottle. I even take pictures of it so I can zoom in and it’s still difficult to determine the correct letters and numbers. I will also be posting a separate post to address the mold issue.