New Element Found to be Essential for Human Life


Does Soylent contain Bromine?


It does not contain any added Bromine, however if Bromine is naturally occurring in any of the naturally-derived ingredients in Soylent then it might contain it.

It likely has not yet been measured in Soylent because it is not currently considered essential, and there is no RDA for it (yet), so I doubt even the Soylent guys know whether or not it contains Bromine, they’d have to check if RSI knows if any of the individual ingredients have it, and in what quantities.


Doesn’t specifically answer your question, but…

I’d like to know the answer though, and I’m sure many others would too.


As of now, it’s currently considered essential (because it is), lol. No RDA has been established for it, but I’d like to think they’ll be working on that pretty soon. Despite not knowing the RDA, though, anyone consuming Soylent will have to supplement it, if it turns out that Soylent doesn’t contain any.

The creators of Soylent already knew that knowledge of nutritional needs would change and improve over time, so they anticipated they would need to alter the formula accordingly. I doubt they expected to have to do so this soon, though. Yet, there’s very little choice in that - if Soylent is to be a complete food, it needs to contain sufficient bromine.


Personly feel this should stay in the other thread, but ill post it here anyway… since bromine is important for all life (to make the scaffolding for cells and such… you can assume that organic compounds such as the oat flour ought to contain some… secondly Bromine is naturally occuring in sea water and thus also sea salt…

To be honest… with a product like Soylent… I really wish a VERY detailed list of things in Soylent could be made… not just %RDA values, mg/UI of “any” trace element such as bromine :3 that would be really really cool instead of the standard “Nutrition Facts”


You’re quite right that there may be a sufficient amount in there purely by chance. Too much of it obviously has seriously bad health effects.


I don’t think arsenic, nickel and tin have been added to the recipe either. they’re also listed as essential.


So that brominated vegetable oil that drink makers are taking out aren’t bad!