New Flavor Ideas


I’m getting a little tired of the taste of my current mix.Chocolate, cinnamon and banana are the major contributors to the flavor. Does anyone have a suggestion to change it up a bit?


Swich our chocolate for vanilla?


I would try taking out the chocolate and adding some vanilla extract for a horchata type drink. Maybe add some strawberries/raspberries for a berry-banana smoothie thing. Also, coffee syrups like Torani and Amoretti are good and come in sugar free varieties if you’re watching your carbs or whatever.


Peanut butter( There are powdered versions so you don’t add a lot of fat and calories), add some chili powder to the cinnamon and chocolate for a mexican chocolate, Blend it with some frozen fruit like mango or pineapple. Try the flavor drops for flavoring water. I like the Dasani Pineapple coconut. I’ve used cloves, nutmeg and ginger for a fall spice flavor. Mint. Just let your favorite flavors be part of your mix. Be careful with extracts, they can become medicine like if you use too much.


Here’s some brainstorming I did a while ago:

“Sweet” flavors

  • Kool-Aid packets
  • Crystal Light
  • Citric acid for tartness. I think this could be important for fruit extracts. Is there a better acid?
  • McCormick brand food extracts. They have: fake hazelnut, fake/real vanilla, fake/real almond, fake banana, fake butter, fake coconut, fake maple, fake rum, anise, coffee, mint, orange, peppermint, raspberry, fake root beer, fake vanilla butter & nut, cinnamon, fake strawberry, lemon
  • Pudding mix (Looks like too many additional calories for me, personally)

Savory These might be harder to acquire, disgusting, or both. But I’m going to try, probably in combinations!