New flavor incoming, very likely Vanilla


Saw this ad on facebook today:

Looks like we’re getting treated to a new flavor soon! The ad leaves the flavor a mystery but says it’s their “most requested one.” Many people are guessing blueberry, perhaps because the blurred bottle image appears to be light blue. But my money is on vanilla being the most requested flavor, and that might conceivably go in a light blue bottle.

Another popular guess is that the new flavor is “green,” probably in jest but some facebook users are suggesting it could be matcha or the like. I can see how a green flavor might be framed as the “most requested” since people love to make Soylent Green jokes. But that wouldn’t line up well with the bottle seemingly being blue.

Thoughts on what the new flavor might be or when it’s likely to drop? I’m thinking they probably wouldn’t put out this ad unless the official reveal and release are very close at hand.


Mint chocolate would be a cool flavor.

Based on the advertisement alone, I would guess blueberry as well. Nevertheless, there can be little doubt that vanilla is the “most requested” flavor. If Soylent uses blue for vanilla, then what will be left for blueberry? :cry: Excited for more flavors regardless!


Probably end up being a cafe flavor.


I think vanilla is boring.



There’s a thread on reddit suggesting that a pre-order page for vanilla Soylent accidentally went live for a few hours in late August:

So it’s almost definitely vanilla. I’m down for that! I’m more eager for banana and cake batter flavors, but vanilla could be good.

I do wonder, though, if the introduction of a vanilla flavor could be one step towards ultimately phasing out Original. While the nondescript flavor and cheaper price of Original are appealing to a lot of us nerds who have been on the Soylent train for a while, I worry that Original might not be very marketable to the general public. It tastes very different from traditional meal replacement shakes and other products consumers are used to, and I could see people being put off by it. IIRC (I might be wrong), I don’t think Original is included among the Soylent Drink flavors available in retail. I can imagine business reasons why Soylent might want to put flavored versions forward as the face of the brand and would not want new consumers to form their first impressions based on the flavor of Original. I just really hope this doesn’t eventually lead to Original getting dropped altogether!


A classic is coming…

It’s on the front page for preorder now.


Is anyone else having difficulty actually placing a pre-order? I can get to and fill out the checkout screen, but there doesn’t seem to be a “place order” button anywhere.

Update: Whatever the issue was, it only affected me while using the Chrome browser. I switched to Firefox and was able to place my pre-order just fine.


It was confirmed that it was vanilla, I saw it on their twitter post


Not sure if this was your problem but my customized ad blocker extension settings (I use uBlock) interfere with a lot (usually the culprit is in the ‘annoyance’ filters section). I either disable the ad blocker for or switch to Edge browser.


unggh :canada: Vanilla… Someone can jack one of the trucks and take a small vacation to the north now…


I hope you’re wrong about them phasing out Original flavor, but I have to admit it would make sense if they did it. :frowning:

Original is billed as being plain enough that you don’t really get sick of it if you drink it all day every day, and they’ve since stepped way back from suggesting that Soylent replace every meal. If you’re only using Soylent as an occasional breakfast, I can see why Original would be less appealing than flavors.

My diet is about 80% Soylent, and I personally like to get mostly Original powder and bottles. I tried chocolate powder and it was great but I got really tired of feeling like I was living off of desserts.


Your order has shipped!Soylent Drink Vanilla


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I got a notification that mine is out for delivery today. Can’t wait!


its HERE!
(made a review thread)


Still not on Amazon…hopefully it gets there soon. (I use subscribe & save so I can add in a box of Vanilla very cheaply and easily).


oh no!!! i really hope this isnt tru! original is the best!!! the others are too sweet for most of the time and also if u want to flavor it theres nuthing rly competing with what u add. sometimes i put vanilla extract in original. would rather keep doing that than have vanilla but no option for plain.


Drank one warm. Not too bad. Chilling one now.


I love the original, it has has a nice and milk flavor… The others are often much too strong