New Formula for Insulin-Resistant Female


Hi all!

I’ve been following and researching Rob’s work for a while now, ever since it first came up on The Daily What, with great interest. I’ve decided to take the plunge and begin my own adventure with Soylent. I’ve already funded Rob’s campaign and am looking forward to sampling the “official” formula in August. However I would like to, for the sake of science and my sanity, start sooner and work on my own custom formula as well. The big diet issue for me is understanding the different types of carbs and how they will effect a hormonal condition I have (not diabetes, but with similar effects) that affects the way my body processes sugars. I’ve been working with a nutritionist for a year or so and we’ve decided that a 1500-calorie diabetic-style diet is ideal for my system, with a 50%-carb 25%-fat 25%-protein ratio, the primary goal being to achieve a healthy sustainable weight. I’m 29, 255 lbs, 5’ 7" and I walk four to five miles a day. I’ve come up with a formula, modified from the Beginners formula but I have adjusted some things based on other advice I’ve read in this forum and elsewhere, and was wondering if I could a little feedback from those more experienced than I?

As I experiment, I intend to (a) get rid of the Alive multivitamin and replace it with a different brand, (b) try to decrease the sodium a smidge without removing chloride, and © shed some pounds before I have to be a bridesmaid in my size-0 friend’s wedding with her two size-0 sisters in late September. :smile:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
My formula thus far:

Side question: is it okay taking 72 grams of protein just from whey?


I think I know the condition you are talking about… my wife has the same thing.

Your recipe is fine as long as you follow the RDA and recommendations from others but obviously do your own due diligence which I think you are well on your way. All the protein from whey is fine. Personally im going to get some from spirulina as well depending on the overall taste from using it. Needs experimenting. Still waiting for everything to turn up though.sigh


How are you feeling with the custom formula you’ve created? Any observations thus far?


I’m actually still waiting on ingredients. I’m going to start this weekend after I get back from my Memorial Day vacation. I just wanted opinions on the recipe because I’m mildly paranoid about what goes in to my body. I’ll be posting results as soon as I can, especially because I haven’t seen nearly as many female as male perspectives on the forum thus far.


I’m extremely interested in this because I have insulin resistant PCOS which means I have to severely limit my carbs (less than 25g per day) or else my entire system is out of whack. I was looking forward to trying Soylent until I realized what the carb count was. I’ve funded it because I love the idea but I would never be able to use it unless the formula was modified greatly. I long stopped taking western medications to manage my condition and have been doing a combination of diet and herbal supplements to help with the resistance. I would also like to try making my own Soylent and would love to try your recipe. When I saw the creative team was all men I really wondered about different formulas for women …


That’s the same condition I have (it’s surprising how common it is considering how few people have heard of it), and I need to lose some weight to get it under control (I’m at 255 now at 5’7"). In talks with my nutritionist, she said I should approach my diet the same way a diabetic would, with a 50-25-25 mix of carbs to fat to protein and a 1500-calorie layout. I’ve adjusted my formula in a way that varies from that slightly, but I still don’t buy in to the ultra-low-carb thing, I prefer balance. I use palatinose as my main carb, which is a sugar substitute with a very low glycemic index and I also get some carbs from my fiber mix which is also supposed to be good for diabetics, and my current mix is 37% carbs, 36% protein, and 27% fat with a lower calorie count to bolster weight loss.


I’ve tried a variety of things and methods and medications. The low carb intake is what works best for my body. Weight loss is nearly impossible for me otherwise but I’ve come down a lot (208 from 240) over the year and a half after much experimentation. There have been a lot of studies on PCOS with low carb diets, low caloric intake diets, balance diets plus various exercise and different things work for different women. I will stick with the system I’ve developed that works well for me. It’s possible I’ll have to come up with my own recipe for Soylent which I think is what everyone is going to have to do. People’s bodies and body chemistry are very unique. I’ve been looking at a lot of the ingredients from a lot of the other recipes and I take a lot of the vitamins and herbals that are included anyway (I take about 23 capsules of various things a day). I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this site and this product.