New fridge for Soylent 2.0!

I think they are building one right now through the arctic, that connects Japan to Europe, but I can’t remember exactly.

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I guess that an [arctic] air-gap data center wouldn’t be very practical.

A 24-terabit-per-second undersea cable will connect Japan and the U.K. and also bring broadband to remote Arctic communities

Arctic Fibre Project to Link Japan and U.K.


You should have bought it in September when all the mini fridges are on sale to target the student market. I got one twice that size for $80 (Canadian, before taxes) at Walmart during the back-to-school sale. Those little cube fridges were even cheaper.

Now if only I could find a freezer that size for so cheap :disappointed:

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Unfortunately, I didn’t know that I wanted a new fridge in September. But I got a huge TV a year ago at the right moment so I saved a lot of money there. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose :smile:

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