New Blog (PCOS & Insulin Resistance)


I’ve been lifeblogging, vlogging, and extensively data collecting on my health for over 3 years. I live with PCOS (genetic) and metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance and have chronicled my experiences trying to reverse damage done to my body both with and without medications. I’m quite a data fanatic and have binders full of notes from over a 5 year period with and without insurance trying to manage my conditions. While I don’t expect anyone to read through 3+ years of information on my blogs and on G+, you may find it fascinating to see how difficult it is to live with PCOS, how complicated metabolic syndrome is, and to know all the hell I’ve been through with doctors, nutritional changes, and various exercise all having failed.

I have been looking forward to starting a new journey with Soylent for a long while so that I can study and document the effects of soylent on someone with these conditions. This information I believe will be especially useful to people with Type 2 Diabetes or insulin resistance. PCOS is a woman specific disorder and I believe that this information could also be of interest to the soylent team since I’m pretty sure they’re all guys :slight_smile:

Yesterday I received my tracking number for my 13 weeks of soylent so I’ll begin documenting data both on and off medications on or around 6/3 when my soylent is scheduled to arrive. I hope people will find my journey interesting and helpful especially if you’re dealing with any similar issues. I look forward to chronicling my life on soylent and seeing how it effects my health for better or worse.



Will be very cool to see how it all works for you. Good luck!


Thanks so much. I’m just really looking forward to being able to get some truly consistent data thanks to soylent being simple ingredients and the same every time. I hope my findings will help other people who are diabetic and curious about whether soylent will work for them … but at the same time everyone will have very different responses depending on their own metabolic issues. We’ll see! :smile:


I too look forward to hearing how it works out for you.


Thank you so much :smile:


You should post your blog link on Soylent in the Media. They’re listing personal blogs, as well.


Oh I didn’t know about that. Thank you!


You’re welcome. And I’ve added your blog to my reader. Happy to follow your progress.


Dude, you should seriously post that Soylent cat gif over here on the forum. That was some funny stuff!


And you’re killin’ me with 2BG! Love it!


Hey a new fan for 2BG lol :smile: Thanks for watching it. That’s really kind of you :smile:


Congrats and be careful. But I wish you the best. I’m still waiting on my 2 weeks and DIYing in the meantime. It took me about a week to get over not feeling “full” which was probably the hardest part for me. I am not planning on replacing all food, but I can completely understand why you are. I’ve bookmarked your blog and will be reading it with interest.


I spend most of my time fasting … due to GI problems with how food gets digested in my system. So I am use to not feeling full … in fact … I hate that feeling which resulted in me not eating enough calories for a number of years which contributed to my metabolism getting completely screwed up. I’ve blogged about all this for a number of years so trust me when I say that soylent will work out just fine for me due to problems I already have with food. I’ve been looking for a “beverage” type food replacement for a while that I hoped would be easier on my stomach and wouldn’t make me feel sick from bloating or fullness. This will be great for me.


So here’s my first reading one hour after drinking 12 oz of Soylent …
A 57 point spike.