New orders before backers?


The blog shows that orders made after 5/6 will take 10-12 weeks for shipment. We’re a day away from 9 weeks. Right now preorders are at one month supplies. Then there’s still 3,2 and 1. I can’t imagine they’ll get all the pre-orders shipped within 3 weeks. Does that mean people who ordered a week supply AFTER 5/6 are going to get their orders before those of us that ordered a week supply before that day? That seems a little unfair.


Likely the blog is out of date. They haven’t updated in a while but unless something changed new orders will keep getting pushed back until all the backers have been fulfilled.


Don’t forget that while we are only a day away from 9 weeks for people who ordered on 5/7. If you ordered on 5/8 then we are two days away. If you ordered on 6/7 then we are one month away. It’s 10-12 weeks from when you placed your order, so they probably will not be swamped with a large number of new orders that all have the same cut-off date.

As to whether they will start shipping new orders before getting all the pre-orders complete I don’t know. It probably depends on what percentage of total orders are ‘new’ orders. If the amount of new (post 5/6) orders they have to fulfill is relatively small (per week) they they may be shipping pre-orders and new orders at the same time. It would be similar to the situation with fulfilling re-orders, they are a small percentage of the total they need to ship so fulfilling re-orders doesn’t have a large impact on fulfilling pre-orders.


Not that likely. But still 10-12 weeks with mostly more constant order flow is not the same problem as fullfillment of the preorders hopefully.


They have stated definitively that backers are shipping before new orders and subscriptions.

What that means for people that ordered after May 6th, and are expecting shipment in the next two weeks I have no idea. They haven’t communicated anything to those people regarding delay in shipments.

I don’t see how they can ship backer orders without delaying new orders.


Their latest blog update says:

Orders placed before 5/6: Currently shipping orders for 1 month of Soylent.


Orders placed after 5/6: Shipping in 10-12 weeks from order date.


It doesn’t say anything about new orders not being shipped until all pre-orders are out.


All backer orders will be shipped before new orders or subscriptions placed on the website.


That could be read another way. @JulioMiles could have been saying that @Relax will get his backer order before they will send out his subscription. Because he is the same person the backer order will ship first.

I’m not sure that means that every backer order will be shipped out before any new order is shipped.


They did clearly state that backers orders would be shipped before the preorders after the crowdfunding campaign ended. It didn’t turn out that way.


I disagree that it can be read to mean anything other than that backer orders will be shipped before new orders/subscriptions placed on the current site.

Hopefully we get a blog post or a forum visit this week with a shipping update. I would love to have another fireside chat with @rob to hear about what the experience has been like taking the company through the product launch and ramping up production.


If you read it out of context yes I agree with you. But that reply was to a customer wondering if his subscription would get here before his backer order. He wasn’t a nonbacker order which is what most of us wondering about the 10-12 week date are talking about


@ManlyMutt, your last sentence on your original post “That seems a little unfair”, it’s all a question of perspective.
My backer number is 1200 something, I’ve placed an order for a month but I won’t receive anything before 2015 because I live in Canada, does that seem fair ?
Patience young padawan.


If you look at the broader picture though you’re in Canada and I’m in the US so you have the advantage there. :slight_smile:


hahaha !!!


I was very explicit in the scenarios I put forth. In fact one of the scenarios was canceling my backer order so that my nonbacker order would not get delayed.


I ordered a weeks worth on 10/3/2013. Not a fucking word yet. I’m going to cancel and push for others to cancel as well. There is no excuse for new orders in 2014 to get their supply before us backers.


I see you’ve made this same argument in 2 threads and offered to buy a week from someone in another. It sounds like you would really like to try Soylent. If you get some from the Florida guy I hope you enjoy it. If what you really want is a refund send an email to It is that simple.
Or maybe you have other motives? Hmmm?