New Orders in 10-12 weeks / 4-5 months


Back near the beginning of May when Soylent started shipping, it was said all over the place that new orders would ship in about 10-12 weeks. (So orders in May would be fulfilled in August.) Then two days ago, the official Soylent twitter again says new orders would ship in 10-12 weeks. Shouldn’t that be more like 6-8 weeks by now? I get that reorders from existing customers are prioritized over new customers. What I’m wondering is if that will always be the case or if delivery for new orders will eventually get down to a reasonable time frame. I’d love to order some official Soylent, but realistically I can’t take $70 out of this month’s budget for food that doesn’t arrive until three months later.


I suspect this will go on for some time because reorders are given priority over new orders and so volume is climbing even as production increases. Eventually they should get more reasonable lead times, but nobody within the company is providing any guidance on this.


It wouldn’t be unthinkable that people who placed orders after the cut off date would only be 6-8 weeks away from getting their Soylent now… and that if you order now, your simply in the back of the line and then thats 10-12 weeks

in other words… while they are still shipping preorders, there will be an increasing line of “next orders” which probably will be sorted by “when” it was placed.


It’s actually 10-12 weeks from ordering time (first oder), they clarified that already. So if you ordered 1 week ago it’s 9-11 weeks for you, but for a order today it would be 10-12 weeks.


I think what reddleman is asking is if Rosa Labs are ever gonna manage to cut down on the backlog. You would expect after this amount of time, there would be less wait. How much longer will it be before they get to point where new orders ship as soon as they’re processed, like every other company in the world. This is a crucial time: they’re getting all kinds of publicity and new orders now, but if they don’t expand their logistics and get shipping times in shape, those orders are going to dry up.


I think they just keep the ordering delay in there to adjust for reorders and huge spikes due to media attention. I am glad if they manage the 10-12 weeks without bumps, while keeping the deliveries and the reorders and the still big backlog of preorders flowing. If they keep on ramping it up and the demand becomes more predictable nothing stops them from reducing it to x weeks. Which will be a much better PR than going from 5-7 weeks to 10-12 for example.


It’s 10-12 weeks from the order date, apologies for the lack of clarity. We hope to have amazon-speed fulfillment very soon!


So same day delivery in specific cities and near next day delivery over most of the developed countries including europe… Tough thing to ramp up soon :wink: @JulioMiles


Or 4-5 months, just to throw out a random number?


I ordered one week of Soylent on May 9, 2014. I still have not received it as of today’s date. When I sent in an e-mail inquiring of the status of my order, I got a form e-mail saying that it should arrive in 8-10 weeks. It has now almost 15 weeks, and I still don’t have it. I cannot get a straight answer as to when it is expected to ship. They don’t post on their website exactly how backlogged they are, and there is no way of knowing when you will receive it. It is very disappointing.


Yeah I’m on week 15.5 (ordered May 11th - 2014) now and I haven’t even gotten the your order will arrive later mail… @JulioMiles are the emails even sent out anymore?