New Pea Protein Isolate with balanced AA profile, no flavor!

Peazazz® by Burcon NutraScience Corporation

-Dissolves clear
-Neutral flavor (No pea flavor)
-Complete and balanced amino acid profile

I would love to see this in Soylent. Unfortunately Burcon does not publicize pricing on their site. I assume it will be at a premium to existing pea proteins, but less expensive than any animal or algae based proteins.


I would happily pay extra for Soylent just to know that one of the ingredients had an awesome name like that.


It’s bad enough people think Soylent is mad from people. How would we convince them it isn’t made from pee as well?

Back to serious now… I think algae is the obvious future choice. Possibly not the best current choice. We’ve got over 7 billion people on the planet. We’ve got to “science the shit out of it” if we want to keep adding people…


Why is “adding people” to the planet good or desirable?

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Introducing new Algaezz, our newest ingredient, +7 dollars!

But on topic, nice find! I forwarded it to our dev team.


I just requested a quotation, will update when I hear back.

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I actually emailed Burcon myself a while back, they did not respond. Hopefully Soylent has enough clout to get a reply. It may require someone to pick up a phone and make a call.

Did you inquire as an individual or as a company? I recently set up a meal replacement company myself so if they only deal with businesses, they may respond to me. It’s a shame they didn’t get back to you.

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I think might be using it as it’s a Canadian supplier.