New President at Soylent



His former company leadership “helped lead to a successful sale to PepsiCo”.
Not necessarily a good omen for RF.


I thought selling to a large company was the ultimate goal. (?)

That and going public are the only two ways that investors make their money back.

Note: He was at KeVita before they sold to PepsiCo (the one you mention) and was President at VEEV Spirits before they sold to Luxco, so that seems like the direction they are heading.


I think that there are private companies with investors who recoup their investment.

Going public is also an option.

I liked some of Rob’s original goals, some of which weren’t profit-centered.


What does this mean? Is Rob no longer in charge? I think if the people behind the product change, then the product is no longer the same.


Rob is likely still CEO, hasen.

Most (especially larger) companies have both a President and a CEO, although sometimes these roles are rolled into one person. Sometimes a president is also known as a COO.


Said Rob,

Bryan’s diverse background … [etc etc] … make him the perfect partner to help me take this business to new heights.

Based on absolutely nothing, I speculate that Rob is far better at the vision thing than he is at day-to-day management of a growing organization, so this may help RF get its act together.


Cool. I just hope that way down the road the company doesn’t reduce the nutritional quality of their products to save cash or forget about trying to be innovative. I don’t mean now because of this but if they ever sell to some big faceless corporation.


That is not, and will not be the goal. We have a lot of projects in the works and a portion of them aim and addressing requests we have been getting for the last 3 years.


I am very much looking forward to any such projects.


I hope that Rosa Foods will retain its commitment to sustainable, science based (pro-GMO), vegan food.