New recipe, cheap glorified protein shake. Looking for harsh critiquw


Hello, here is my second recipe that I’ve made. This time everything is in levels closer to the 100%RDA (though most are over).and it actually looks pretty delicious. Looking to use this recipe to help bulk up.

The plan is to soak the oats overnight to soften them and then blend all recipe together with a handblender after crushing the pills.

So yeah any criticism would be greatly appreciated!


i recumbent you to use theis, they are cheaper per g then amazonas, especially if yo buy several items from them
Cholin 1kg

msm pulver 1kg
And you should update your prices the protein is only 46,79

  • and some normal table salt


Actually I was thinking if you increase your baking powder that would bring your phosphorus and possibly sodium too to 100% RDA’s. Also you might want to look into adding some kind of ground up herb for the vitamin K deficiency. (just an idea, something I havn’t tried)

I don’t know how well blending the oats after soaking them is going to work out. I have the feeling it would be difficult to swallow. When I was using oats I was grinding them up before including them in my recipe. Then I bought oat flour (then I stopped using oats). But, go ahead and experiment I look forward to hearing how it works out.