New recipe test, Why is my stomach upset?


Experimenting with a 40/30/30 recipe.
Been using it a couple of days, and my stomach is a bit upset after each meal.


More protein than i am used to.
Too much Tapioca starch, maybe my body doesnt like it. Working on finding Maltodextrin localy

This is not an unusual amount of soy milk for me. Half a cup each serving of soylent. 4 blender bottles a day.

EDIT: I should add i have been using PeopleChow and variations of it off and on since January. I only recently have begun creating a far more personalized version which is now so different from People Chow i may remove the reference in the title of my main recipe.

Join me as I build out HAPPY CHOW!

I find that my 40/30/30 recipe is SO much more filling I can’t slam my meal like I can with the People Chow original. If I drink it down quickly (which I like to do because why else would I want something like soylent unless I want something fast?) I definitely get a little tummy upset thereafter until things have had about 30 mins to settle down in the gut. If I slow it down a bit and work through it over 20 mins or so, maybe drinking it in thirds or summat, this seems to help with that a lot.

Some folks seem to have a lot of trouble with the fiber content as well. I have found in my own experience that because I was used to a twice daily fiber supplement before starting soylent, I have actually felt the people chow recipe was a little lacking in fiber and so I’ve ordered a bit psyllium husk powder to supplement. I like a very um… regular… experience. And haven’t had that since starting DIY soylent. I have not had problems such as others have sometimes reported with gas, though if you’re getting some gas that might also be causing some of the discomfort.


I just adjusted my recipe to be 33/34/33 as I needed to up my calories on days when I work a little longer ( I am forking the recipe and making up 2 variants each week)

I just had my first “meal” a few hours ago on the new blend and so far so good. (No stomach upsets)

The new mix is here

Non workdays are here


Its not fiber, my soylent has always had plenty. Its not gas, no problems there. My diet has always been high in oatmeal so i am used to it.

I think it might be because i drink it too fast. If it is there i will drink it. I think i will have to aither split it in half each serving, or try a whole day pitcher and drink a bit at a time.

This recipe has a very weird sweetness to it. I think mostly from the tapioca starch, but also from the high whey content. The brown sugar i have always used but this recipe is sweet in just a weird way.

I also add just a bit of chocolate, cinnamon and a few drops of 100% pure maple syrup, and a couple of drops of pure vanilla extract… This combination oddly neutralizes every thing and i get an almost tasteless but still pleasant mix.

I do get a little light headed with this one as well, something i had not really experienced with my modified version of People Chow. I am going to cut down the Tapioca starch and see if perhaps my soylent has too high of a GI.

I very much like the numbers on this recipe. It is a bit on the pricey side though because of the protein content and the amount of soymilk. However, additional suplements have been cut way down. GNC in the original People Chow is 23 grams. I have cut that down to just 15 grams, now stretching one container 2.5 months. Choline i have at just half a gram. And of course iodized salt is necessary.

I am considering making a “concentrate” What i mean is i have no space for a whole pitcher of soylent (shared fridge :frowning:) but in this recipe i use half a carton of soymilk a day. I will try to mix my days powder directly into the soymilk carton. This would create a sort of concentrate i could then shake and pour directly into my water. Thoughts?


What I am doing with my “extra calories” mix is on those days I have 4 x 450 ml meals instead of 3 x 600 ml meals. Ie same volume in liquid per day, so my hydration does not get messed up, and a slightly larger amount amount of calories per meal. The only difference I notice so far is it tastes a lot “richer” and I am definitely noticing more energy. I just went 6.5 hours between meals, and only then started to feel a little hungry. Hope this helps.


HA! Found maltodextrin locally. (In California, not Down Under sorry :frowning: ) It is called Now Carbo Gain. 100% pure corn Maltodextrin. Will pick some up in the morning and try it.