New recipes, 1600kcal @ 40/30/30 and 40/25/35


I unlocked several v2 recipes of my Hybrid recipe for the soy adverse. I had to use a couple of liquid drops to replace some micro nutrients from the change, I do my best to stay away from pills. I have not tried the drops for the Molybdenum or Folate that are needed now that the TJ’s Soy protein has been removed, if you have any experience with either product please share. Likewise if you see any errors.

I have created several versions of the new whey based recipe, primarily with variance to the macro ratios and differing micro sources. Two versions still use a small amount of the Trader Joe’s Soy protein as a source for some of the micros, the other two versions no longer use the Trader Joe’s Soy protein at all. The missing micros in the TJ’less versions have been replaced by adding a couple of new ingredients.

Much thanks to @QuidNYC for recommending the NutriBio Java Whey Isolate, if you like it please contact NutriBio to let them know, hopefully we can get them to provide it in bulk.

The current vegan Hybrid recipe is still available. These versions differ from the original primarily in that they now use Whey in place of Soy protein, as well as having further reduced calories.

This version is down from the original 1800kcal to 1600kcal and is set to a macro ratio of either 40/30/30, it seems like I have seen a few folks trying to get to this ratio, or 40/25/35. I don’t personally want as much protein as comes from 30%, but I do want more than I would get at 20% now that this is down to 1600kcal.

Kennufs’ Hybrid v1.3 1800kcal @ 40/20/40 (Weight Loss / Vegan / Tasty)

Kennufs’ Hybrid v2.0 Java 1600kcal @ 40/30/30 (Weight Loss / Tasty) using Trader Joe’s Soy

Kennufs’ Hybrid v2.1 Java 1600kcal @ 40/25/35 (Weight Loss / Tasty) using Trader Joe’s Soy

Kennufs’ Hybrid v2.2 Java 1600kcal @ 40/30/30 (Weight Loss / Tasty) w/o TJ’s Soy

Kennufs’ Hybrid v2.3 Java 1600kcal @ 40/25/35 (Weight Loss / Tasty) w/o TJ’s Soy


Thanks for sharing these, @kennufs – you’re a man after my own stomach! Which are you using now, 2.3?


I still have several pounds of Trader Joes on hand, so I’ll be on 2.1 until that runs out… unless I go keto in the meantime, which is looking like more of a possibility. Are you still enjoying your keto?

I’ve been reading more into it and am about ready to commit to a recipe, heavily based on your “Hot Java” which looks great. I’ve been tweeking the induction to hopefully be a bit more palatable too, but haven’t tasted any of them yet.

Ran across a couple of sources last night talking about how we absorb far more fiber than conventionally thought, and that excess fiber can effect keto. Just bookmarked them for later reading, but want to follow up on it before starting. I’ll post the links when I get to them. How much does the coconut effect your recipe flavor/texture?


At this very moment I’m not enjoying it at all – because I’ve been stuck on an extended business trip without an adequate supply!

But apart from that it’s been great. Based on the testing I’ve done with ketostix, it’s been quite effective – moreso than the other very low-carb foods I’ve added into my diet on occasion.

I’d say the “Hot Java” recipe is quite palatable as it stands (at least if you take out the cayenne pepper to avoid the strong burning sensation). I’ve also gotten some good feedback recently from folks trying out the “Ongoing Ketosis” recipe. So I think the taste of your recipes should be fine (though you may want to observe certain best practices such as blending and icing/refrigerating).

I wouldn’t be too concerned about the absorption of fiber from the coconut flour – it’s got a very high ratio of insoluble fiber, and there’s a fair bit of CHO headroom baked into the recipe otherwise (particularly when you account for the effects of the MCT oil, which tends to boost ketosis).

You could always experiment with taking the coconut flour out, of course – you’ll get something resembling my “Induction Phase” recipe, which is basically an oily protein shake. It’s not terrible if you blend it into a uniform emulsion (like a very thick milk) and drink it cold, but I do find the recipes that incorporate coconut flour to be more palatable.

As always, YMMV. My wife is definitely not a fan of coconut flour – we tried including a modest amount in her masa-based soylent, and she didn’t like the result at all.