"NEW" schmoylent samples


I received my sample of the “new” Schmoylent with rice flour instead of maltodextrin in the mail today and mixed it up right away even though I still have some already mixed Marion fuel sitting in the fridge. My first impression is TWO thumbs up. I mixed it in the Vitamix and it gets kind-a warm meaning my comment isn’t even based on cold Schmoylent yet. I filled one bottle with the mix as intended so I’ll be able to compare it once it cools and I added a banana and cinnamon to the remaining mix. I seriously could live on this for the rest of my life. @axcho - a few days ago I ordered a custom mix based on Schmoylent with no sweetener and fewer calories. If it’s not too late I’d prefer it be based on the “new” Schmoylent.


I’m thinking about ordering another sample–but I’m starting to wonder if part of my difficulty has been that I don’t like stevia. Perhaps what I need to try is Schmoylent with sucralose, but I don’t think axcho is gonna want that stuff in his kitchen!


Had my first day of the ‘new stuff’ and the texture is very similar to Soylent now. It has a little bit of the grit that Soylent has. I tried a slightly cooled sample last night and today I had a full meal. I had no energy loss today working in 100+ again all day. Filled me up good, another day of no cravings during breakfast/lunch. I did eat eat a few handfuls of hot sauce sunflower seeds. No idea why I bought those haha but I can’t let myself throw them out. :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall, slightly less “oaty” and a bit more grit. Maybe a bit thicker. Tastes the same as regular. I added cinnamon again. If this stuff is better for me, I’d prefer it I think.


I had refrigerated “new” schmoylent for breakfast and I can barely taste any difference between it and the original. In the original the sweetener aftertaste came through way more intensely and I prefer diys to have no sweetener except from the added banana and cinnamon. If rice flour is a healthier option than maltodextrin I can’t think of any reason
not to change it.
I regret having cancelled my Soylent backer order because from what I remember it really does taste very similar to schmoylent. At the time (when I was lucky enough to snag a weeks worth from a reseller) I was very much into chocolate flavor but even adding dark sugarfree cacao powder didn’t get rid of the overwhelming sweetener aftertaste so I gave up on it and resold my remaining pouches. I’m sure that eventually we’ll be able to buy sweetener-free 1500 kcal Soylent but until then I’m grateful for schmoylent and custom blends.


Thanks for all the feedback on the new recipe, it’s very helpful and encouraging! :slight_smile:

I’m really glad to hear that the taste is as good or better - I definitely would feel better giving people (and myself) rice flour rather than maltodextrin.

I still have some sucralose left from my experiments, actually - I’d be up for doing another experiment with you if you want! Just order a day’s worth of Schmoylent and send me an email and I’ll use sucralose instead of stevia. :wink:


I loved the original Schmoylent. I turned on a few extra customers for you by letting them try it. I hope the taste and texture isn’t too different.

@Axcho, is rice flour better than maltodextrin? I don’t know much about either than them being carb sources.


After tasting the Alpha version and going back to the old version for a couple of days after, I definitely notice the new formula has increased grittiness. When I swallow, it almost feels like some of it gets to the back area of my mouth/throat.

Has anyone else experienced this? Would it be possible to change the formula somehow to reduce the grittiness? I’m inclined to believe that this is from the rice flour.


I was wondering why so many people mention grittiness when none of the diys nor Soylent is gritty for me and it must be the vitamix. Take my reviews/comments with a grain of salt I guess?


It is from the rice, and the texture matches Soylent pretty close. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m still working on the original Schmoylent, but I have noticed that the grittiness seems more pronounced as more water is added. I’m not sure why that is, but I notice the slightly sandy siltiness when I add a lot of extra water. Something to try if you’re having trouble with the texture.


Just for charity’s sake, I’d like to mention I use an immersion blender.

As far as it being closer to soylent, I believe the goal of Schmoylent shouldn’t be to try and copy every aspect of Soylent (Especially not a negative one), but to build a better product that is the most appealing to the greatest number of people. I guess personally I prefer the old texture to the new one. I do think the “taste” of the alpha version was slightly improved, and if it’s healthier then I obviously can understand the benefits of that as well.


He wasn’t adding rice to match Soylent, he was removing maltodextrin and using rice flour instead. It’s just a trial and I don’t mind the texture at all. Just mentioning that it reminds me of Soylent, because that’s the texture that I rememberd the most. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the continuing feedback, everyone! :slight_smile: It helps.

Maltodextrin is less preferable from my perspective for a number of reason. It is a fast carb, so for me it burns up too quickly, yeast like it, which is bad for gut flora balance and leaves a sour taste on my tongue from yeast byproducts, one person on the forum has reported that their dentist said it is also bad for your teeth, it’s highly processed (some people don’t like that), made from corn (GMO, another thing some people dislike), and is a really fine powder that gets everywhere when you pour it. :stuck_out_tongue: So, I like rice flour a lot better.


I finally got the sample today, despite the tracking saying it arrived last Friday (WTF), so I’ll make a mix tomorrow after the current batch runs out, and post my feedback.

Just wanted to post so you don’t think I grabbed and ran, @axcho! :smile:


I made a batch with the revised Schmoylent sample today, and shared it with my girlfriend (who has been drinking Schmoylent occasionally).

I’ll do her reaction first:

“I don’t really like it. It was better before.”


I’ll be a little more nuanced… I don’t dislike the new formula per se – it is definitely less sweet than the previous formula, which may be a plus, depending on how you look at it. However, what I don’t really like is the increased thickness of the drink as compared to the previous formula. It’s slightly more smooth, but only because it’s all sand, if you know what I mean.

Rice flour sounds much more ‘normal’ than maltodextrin, so intuitively I’d think the former is healthier than the latter. My intuition isn’t always very accurate, though :smile: But to be honest, based purely on taste, I actually prefer the ‘old’ Schmoylent, unless you can make it a bit thinner/less sandy.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!


You might consider increasing the water you mix it with. Rice flour tends to absorb liquid pretty well.


I filled up my pitcher. I don’t have anything bigger.


I went back and forth between original Schmoylent and Rice-based. I thought Rice was less gritty and also found the taste slightly better. I do get some of that funky/sour tongue thing from the original.

But do we have to worry about this at all?

Which btw leads me to air the desire that if any of these operations get big enough, it would be cool to know that they periodically had their ingredients tested for contaminants and what not. That would add an extra layer of convenience beyond DIY.

Getting back to Rice-based Schmoylent, my opinions are somewhat moot because People Chow Plus is where it’s at!

Also, thanks for being in business.


That’s a valid concern about arsenic in rice, though all three (Soylent, old Schmoylent, and new Schmoylent) all use rice protein, so it wouldn’t be much of a factor in deciding between old and new Schmoylent.

Would be cool to get big enough to be able to afford testing. Maybe. We’ll see. :wink:


Hiya @axcho. Ten days ago I ordered a sucralose-flavored sample of new Schmoylent. Any update on when that’ll be shipped? Thanks!