New Site/Account Management

I run mostly on autopilot for my subscription so maybe I’m late to the party here but the new account overview/management interface is, frankly, terrible.

  1. From the account home clicking on Billing and Shipping only displays addresses, if you want to actually view billing information you go Account Home>Manage Subscriptions>Billing Information.
  2. The information found in the Manage Subscriptions tree seems to be redundant with that found from the account home tree yet, oddly, “Purchase History” and “Order History” do not contain the same information
  3. Damn near all my purchase history is gone. Only the last three orders available. Not super important but I did use it to follow some trends in my use history.
  4. Also trivial but totals/subtotals/Line totals for orders no longer displayed, and prices are written in a way that is unclear (e.g. kind of looks like 2 boxes, or really any number, of powder is 54 dollars, as opposed to each). Don’t get me wrong, I know what i’m spending and all, the way it’s written is just irksome.

Anyhow, I realize that whining about number of clicks to get to whatever is definitely the type of 1st world problem you only complain about when you have powdered food delivered to your door but if efficiency’s the game, it’s kinda off brand.


I’ve got a couple of hopefully comforting answers for you:

When we switched platforms, there were some design changes we made that were then overridden by changes to the platform. We’ll be updating the flow and interface over the coming weeks now that we’ve launched. I’ve taken note of your feedback, and will be sure to incorporate it as we rework things.

As for purchase history, we’re working backwards and loading it in slowly. There’s a lot of data so it is taking some time. If you need more history now, customer service can help you get your back data quicker, but it will take some time for all historical data to load in for every customer.

We know there are some hiccups with the experience right now, but our engineers are working hard to get everything running to the level that you expect from us. Thanks for hanging in there and for your feedback!


I assume this goes for Canadian customers as well? My history hasn’t loaded yet. I see that the new site no longer has the option to switch between USA and Canada. Will a similar thing be implemented when Canadian sales come back online?

That is the plan right now. Your account info will roll in with everyone else’s and when we relaunch in Canada we will have a separate online experience.

– John

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Ahh ok, look forward to it. Thanks for the response!

Totally agree…frankly the new site is terrible. It actually looks like an old school site now but the bigger issue is that they are charging me incorrectly my subscription price changed as did all my pay history. Also…are they discontinuing the option to “pause & reschedule” your subscription? I hope not!!!

So I’m not seeing a “Send More Now” Button. If I want more before the next ship date should I start a new subscription and cancel the old?

We’re still working through some things so keep an eye out for updates in the near future. As for the incorrect charges, sorry to hear about this! That shouldn’t be the case. Please reach out to (if you haven’t already) for assistance so we can make this right.

You should be able to reschedule your subscription, but if you have further questions, customer service can help you out. Thanks for bearing with us while we make these changes!!!

– John

There is no longer a “Need More Now” button, but you can change your subscription to trigger the next day, which effectively does the same thing. We’re looking into what it would take to bring that functionality back on the new platform.

– John

I’m also up in Canada and searching the forum gets me a lot of outdated posts in here…What is the ETA on relaunching in Canada?

My biggest complaints about the new site are:

  • I now have to individually delay each separate item in my order if I’ve gone through my soylent more slowly than expected instead of hitting the Delay button.

  • I like to rotate which drink flavor I get each month. I couldn’t just remove anything from my subscription, though, I had to “cancel,” it, and then select a REASON for the cancellation, and then fill out a text box about why I’m canceling. I certainly didn’t expect the Spanish Inquisition (nobody does!), I just want Vanilla instead of Cacao this month! Sheesh!


Glad that the relaunch in Canada is happening! However, I do not see any of my previous account info and purchase history from my original account. This would be nice to have (I can’t remember how much my subscription was for anymore) so is there some way to migrate or get access to this?

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