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Hello everyone,

I ordered 9 cases of Soylent 2.0 to consume 4 a day (I know that’s less than 2000 calories a day). I’m creating an intentional calorie defict, while I’m still on night shift. When I return to working days again (hopefully within the next several weeks!) I’ll up my next order to 2000 and get back in the gym to create the calorie deficit. I simply don’t have the energy after back to back 10 hour night shifts!

I’m mostly posting to introduce myself, but I also have some questions. I saw a thread regarding a mold issue with the first batch of Soylent 2.0 which I assume is what I’ll be recieving when my order is delivered for tomorrow. Since I have no experience with soylent, what should I be on the look-out for? With 108 bottles,odds are at least 1 or 2 are going to have mold in them.

I ordered an 8 strain probiotic that’s supposed to survive the stomach (not entirely sure it’s an accurate claim, but) the same time I ordered my Soylent to address gas issues I read about (although I’m not sure if those are isolated to the 1.5 formulation). Any suggestions for other supplementation?

I’m planning to live entirely off Soylent and water until I lose 35lbs or so (I’m 5’11 206 right now, my aim is 170). That could take months, but I’m pretty sure I can stick with it. I’ve broken up with food before, but it was in a very unhealthy way (anorexia) so this shouldn’t be too hard. Any feedback for people who’ve gone 100% soylent for extended periods of time?

Thanks for reading!


From what I understand, the mold issue has been fixed. They paused all orders for a few weeks while they sorted it out. They have resumed now, and I have not heard of any more reports of any discoveries since the resumption.

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Welcome! Nice to have you. First, let me address the mold issue. This is what the Soylent blog said:

Out of the more than 400,000 bottles shipped thus far, we have been made aware of 11 isolated incidents of mold growth on the external part of the bottle, which is well within the industry standard rate of one in 10,000 defects in low acid aseptic packaging.

Based on these numbers, a bottle has a 0.00275% chance of having mold. For 108 bottles, that’s a 0.297% chance of one of them having mold. Personally, I haven’t had a moldy one after about 200 bottles.

I don’t think Soylent really needs to be supplemented. I mean, the whole point is that it’s the complete package on its own.

This might seem like a weird tip, but experiment with using a straw. I find it’s a surprisingly different experience whether I’m drinking through a straw or from the lip of the bottle. The flavour seems different. I get different cravings for straw drinking or bottle drinking at different times. Most of the time I prefer a straw.

Also, try leaving a bottle in the freezer for 10-20 minutes. I do this for almost all the bottles I drink. Colder is better, in my experience.

One last thing. Plan to indulge in some normal food at least once a week. My thing is a $9 grilled cheese sandwich with apple slices, maple glazed pulled pork, caramelized onions, and dijon mustard. It is exquisite.


A big part of me doing this is to reshape the way I think about food. Rather than eating for pleasure, entertainment, comfort, etc I want to eat for fuel. I’ve had a long complicated history with food. I grew up very obese, then in my early 20s I developed an eating disorder and got down to a very unhealthy and unsustainable weight (and subsequently landed myself in the hospital). After that I slowly put on maybe 5-10 pounds a year as I picked up bad food habits again.

Last December I started getting very active, started shaking the weight that had creeped up and began gaining muscle. Got a job at the gym I worked out at 4-5 days a week, and about a month later was promoted to the night manager. I was able to maintain my diet and exercise regime for the first few months but gradually fell off the wagon. Energy levels too low, sleeping more, and rather than spending all the time meal prepping that I used to, I picked up eating convienience food and fast food. Pretty rapidly put all the weight back on I had lost working out and have been depressed and lethargic.

I’m making moves to get off night shift, and I see Soylent as a way to redefine my relationship with food, address my issues with time investment in food (Soylent is convienient AND healthy) and perhaps regain some of the energy I’ve been short of while I’m working on getting off night shift.

I rambled a bit, but what I was getting at is there will be no indulgent eating, at least not until after I hit my goal. My tenative plan is to incorporate mass gaining protein shakes once I hit my body fat goal and hit the gym hard to bulk up. Some of those are actually really good, and I’ll consider them my treat for a good hard workout.


Soylent has definitely helped me notice a clearer line between eating to satisfy hunger, and eating for pleasure/entertainment/comfort/stress relief.

I haven’t had the kind of struggles you’ve had with food, but being aware of which kind of eating I’m doing has, I think, helped me reduce uncontrolled pleasure eating. (Although it’s still early days for me — I’m only about four weeks into eating partially/mostly Soylent, and I haven’t really had a stressful period during that time.)

I’m on Soylent 1.5, and I’m not a huge fan of the taste (or especially aftertaste) that I experience. As such, I’ve definitely found it a bit of a challenge getting less pleasure from eating than before — there’s less day-to-day pleasure in my life. That said, when I do eat for pleasure, just having something simple like toast becomes a really nice experience, I think because I’m less used to it.

Best of luck with it. Food issues are hard, especially on top of night shifts. It sounds like you’re dealing with it in a healthy and positive way.

Although I can understand wanting to make progress on losing weight, the one thing that does spring to my (very ill-informed) mind is: while you’re still on night shifts, might you benefit from a full 2000 calories a day (plus all the micronutrients), just in general health terms?


I agree that 2000 calories per day seems like a healthier (and more realistic) path to take. You’re definitely going to be losing weight and eating healthier if you do that.

Solylent is a great tool, but not an open invitation to engage in black and white thinking.

I’d recommend adding flavor to the Soylent. It makes it taste good, so that utilitarian eating includes some pleasure, too. If there is no pleasure at all, you’ll move back to junk food at some point. You might also gradually ease your way down the calorie chain. If your Soylent consumption feels like a chore, it won’t be sustainable over the long haul.

Soylent is the type of thing that can be a permanent part of your life, occupying as much or as little of your caloric intake as you prefer. As long as it feels natural and enjoyable, you’ll stick with and reap the benefits in an ongoing fashion. In effect, your lifestyle will have changed. And you can supplement it with healthy alternatives for variety, so that you’re not “cheating” with junk food. Essentially, get rid of the junk food in your house, replace it with healthy snacks, and ease into the Soylent lifestyle. If it’s a goal-oriented regimen you’re pursuing, chances are it won’t last. But if Soylent is just your primary way of feeding yourself, then it will, and so will the benefits.

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When asking questions here, expect lots of disagreement. I think Soylent 2.0 tastes great at room temperature. I don’t think eating something other than Soylent once a week is a good idea at all. These disagreements don’t mean that I’m right and someone else is wrong; we just have different perspectives, that’s all. You will need to blaze your own path to finding how best to use Soylent.

For some reason I’ve basically lost 0 weight on 2000 calories a day of Soylent, starting from over 200 pounds and rigorously avoiding any kind of snacks. And I’m approaching a year on Soylent.

Anyway, welcome to the tribe.


Thanks for the insight everyone. My first month’s shipment arrived today. I’m a bit disappointed with the shipping packaging. One of my boxes was 70lbs and was misshapen and barely holding together when I found it on my front porch. It came open shortly after I made it through the door. I opened 3 of the 12 packs from that package and all 36 bottles are dinged. An aesthetic annoyance but no product was damaged to the point of being unusable.

I’m currently sipping my first (over ice, as they are not cooled yet) and to me it smells and tastes vaguely of graham cracker. My sister gave it a sniff and sip as well, and agreed. I’ll probably pick up some vanilla extract I can add to each bottle for a little additional flavor. So far, I’m pretty happy though and excited about my journey. It sounds weird but I actually feel like a weight was lifted off me. A bit hard to describe.


I know exactly what you mean. The minute I heard about Soylent I started getting the ingredients for a DIY since this was before Soylent was actually shipping. I no longer have to worry about my previous crappy diet. I had a very restricted diet before so I’m probably one of the few who feel more normal to eat Soylent than my previous diet.

I’ve always found that my body/mind gets used to the taste of all the different soylent versions I’ve tried. Basically whatever version I drank for a couple days tasted fine. If I tried something else it would be horrible and then fine in a couple days. Adding flavoring is great but you might not need it after a bit.


I’d hold off on the vanila extract, the taste will grow on you over time as your body learns what nutrients to associate with the taste.

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Funny, I always use vanilla extract for the powdered version, but never for 2.0. I used to use PB2 and chocolate with the powdered versions as well, but now it’s strictly vanilla.

On my third Soylent meal as I type this. My cravings for bad food are definitely strong. I think a lot of it is habitual though, my brain associates working with eating things like Taco Bell. It’ll probably be a few weeks before the cravings subside and my stomach gets used to receiving fewer calories.

I’m also going to try and go without caffeine tonight. I drank two kickstarts a shift to make it through. No half-measures with me, if I give myself an inch and I take a mile then eat whatever I want. haha

Chewing gum helps with my jaw’s urge to chew. I find it gets sore from lack of use.

I find low-salt pickles and unbuttered popcorn make good snacks. I eat almost nothing but Soylent, but I’ve got to do something to break up the monotony. I still find Soylent 2.0 delicious after two months and love drinking it every day but I crave other flavours, especially savoury flavours since Soylent 2.0 is sweet. I also like crunchy snacks because I miss crunching things on a liquid diet. There is something very satisfying about the physiological process of eating on the level of animal instinct.

Savory flavors are definitely the biggest thing missing from the Soylent diet. You can go with out for quite a while, but the desire builds over time.

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Oh I forgot to say at the time, but the title of this post originally made me think that they were making glue from Soylent now.

Soylent clearly hasn’t stopped me from getting confused sometimes.


i tend to low blood pressure, and soylent’s bland enough and low-sodium enough that i’ve been craving kimchi (i’m sure the bacteria help too). a jar used to last me months, now it lasts me 1 week.


Only “success” I ever had was Soysauce and grated ginger, but that has the negative side effect of a huge sodium increase. Savory flavors are pretty mellow, and Soylent just masks them too hard.

+1 for freezer and food once a week. I will have to try the straw!

Soylent has sodium levels at the lowest end of sodium intake level…1500 mg. So if taking them doesnt exceed 2300 mg per day (including the sodium in soylent) you should be fine. That is if your non-hypertensive and non-fully sedentary.